Friday, December 9, 2011

Pushing it and Rest

Pinterest (my latest time suck) has a lot to say about pushing yourself to your limits...

When I have a goal in mind it is very difficult for me to think about much else than reaching that goal.  This month I have three goals I'm reaching for....Holiday Shred, 1500 miles, and racking up points for the HBBC.  The biggest goal that is occupying my mind has been really the 1500 miles....and with 80 miles left to reach that goal I am a woman on a mission!  The downside of being consumed in a way with this goal is that I am in a way ignoring one of the important necessities of life....REST.  I get nervous by nightfall if I haven't gotten in my miles for the day!  Yesterday I did my long run because I knew I was running a 5k on Saturday, however a lot of the long run I was planning how I could fit in more miles before the 5k!  So today I am forcing myself to rest, because I know a few things about myself.  I know this cranky, tired disposition is not very appealing to those who love me.  I know my nightly question of "Can I go run at the gym?" gets old.  And above all I know if I continue to push at this rate, it will spell disaster in the form of injury or sickness.  So to I reluctantly rest....except for Holiday Shred! :-)

How about you get blinders on when you are reaching for a goal?  How often do you rest?


  1. Good luck on the 1500 mark, you are well on your way so sounds like you'll definitely reach it! That was one of my goals for the year, but I'm going to miss it, I did have a few moments where I became obsessed with it though! Thanks for enabling me with Pinterest!

  2. Ditto on the obsessing over goals :-) that's why I started a blog to try to minimize the amount of time I bore others that don't get my obsession and only discuss it with fellow junkies...

  3. Good for you for forcing some rest time-- I learned that the hard way... sounds like you have a very balanced approach, thanks for sharing! As for rest, I typically rest on Sundays... it's nice to wake up knowing I don't have to fit in a workout, and I'm much more able to enjoy family time.

  4. Yes, I think resting is so hard!! I don't want to do it ever! But we all need it so good for you for recognizing it. I have been avoiding pintrest because I hear from everyone what a time suck it is!

  5. my problem is that I go, go, go and lose steam after a while. :)

    You, my friend, have a gift. keep it up!!!
    I found you on blog hop. :)

  6. We have so much in common. I have serious blinders on when it comes to reaching my goals. It's kind of ironic that the hard part of running is the resting :)

  7. I feel like I have 24/7 blinders on because my main priority is to get in my daily workout no matter what for my own sanity. I rest every Sunday or one day/ week and feel like I earned it
    Kudos to you on your 1500! Impressive!

  8. I tend to err on the conservative side anyway, but basically I listen to my body. It usually tells me when its time to rest.

    And...there are times I have to listen to my head in order to avert burnout.