Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Let's Talk Training

I can honestly say training wise last week ROCKED!!  I worked around a pretty full schedule and made my workouts count!!  Here's how it broke down:
Monday: 3.2 miles on the mill late night!  These are hard to recover from since I finish around 9pm and I'm then WIRED!
Tuesday: Morning kettlebells and 4.2 miles on the mill...yes winter running means a lot of mill running!
Wednesday: 5 miles on the mill!
Thursday: Morning kettlebells and 4 miles on the bike
Friday: 3 early morning miles
Saturday: An awesome 10 mile run with Jill as she tapers for London! 
Sunday: REST!!  Breakfast out with the fam and then time recovering in my Tommie Copper!

With training for Newport, Ragnar, and more, I am certainly sore by the time Sunday rolls around!  I have been loving my Tommie Copper compression tights and Active Fit tank top! 
No I'm not training to be a ninja...I'm just loving how comfortable this all is!  It helps my legs to recover much faster and the tank is something I wear ALL THE TIME!!  Both can be worn alone or under your clothes...
Seriously they are super comfy and the tights are making my legs VERY happy!  I wish I had a tank for every day of the week!!


  1. I love it! I love Tommie Copper and I have spent the last month or so in mine.

  2. Oh I LIVE in my TC gear. Glad you like it too!

  3. Definitely a rocking week! Hopefully we'll all start being able to get outside for those runs and off the mills soon.

    Love that sweater, too. You are super cute.

  4. I am a little in love with my Tommie Copper tights and capris too. Glad you are back at the kettlebells!

  5. Great training week!! Glad to hear you recovered well from your back issues.