Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Newport 10 Miler Race Report

Can I get an AMEN for a race report?!  It has been some time since my last race and this is my first race of 2014 due to my back injury in February keeping me from running the New Bedford Half.  I must say that this was worth the wait!!
The ladies and I headed to Newport on Saturday to stay with my family.  We grabbed a cousin and headed to number pick-up at the Fort.  I even saw Amy and her husband Chris (aka race photographer extraordinaire!) Even though the weather was raw, I let the girls run around inside to get the wiggles out!! 
It is always neat for me to go inside the fort since growing up it was closed.  You could walk around the outside and I attended many concert festivals there...went cliff jumping...rode bikes...but never went inside.  It's a very neat place and on a clear day it's beautiful! 

I had little expectations for race day since I knew the course was hilly and a toddler/cousin sleepover meant I had an early morning wake-up, but I put on my gear...slid on the tutu...grabbed my water and out the door I went. 
My parents live about 15 minutes from the fort so the drive was easy and I got a great parking spot!  A quick half mile walk to the fort and I was holding guard at the cannon as the official greeter...just kidding but I really stood there for a while so everyone could find me!  It was so awesome to catch up with Amy and Chris, Jessica, and Janine and her mom! 
Janine and her mom were my tutu sisters for the day!! 
The race started promptly at 8am with the blow of the cannon and we were off!!  I spent the first mile getting to a spot where I had room and felt comfy but was surprised when I looked down at mile 1 and saw a 8:23 looking back at me!  I had trained with speed but again didn't know what the day would bring.  Taking in the scenes mile 2 clicked by and 8:17 was looking back at me....hmmmm I think I have some speed in these legs!...let's see if we can that again!  Mile 3 was out at the point...beautiful still and 8:07...BOOM this is a race here!!! 
View at Mile 3...never quite able to capture on film!
Miles 4-6 clicked by all under 8:30 pace and I was happy that even though my legs were working hard (lots of rolling hills) my lungs felt amazing and I was feeling strong!  My favorite cheerleaders were between miles 6 and 7 and I got a kiss from Aubs and cheers from Em and my sister and nieces!  Aubs even wanted to join in the race!!  After mile 7 we headed off Bellavue (aka mansion row) and down a steep hill before heading back up another steep hill!  It was mile 7 last year where my wheels feel off but this year I kept pushing...knowing that this year I am stronger...praying God to push me up those hills! 
It's not a Newport race unless there is a viking out there!!  Newport is the Vikings!
Mile 7 was 8:48 and I began mile 8 back with a 8:21 pace until I got the side stitch to end all side stitches!!  Seriously I couldn't breathe or take a single breathe!  WTF!!!  After a little walking and a lot of water guzzling (I am thinking the stitch was thanks to not drinking any water for 7 miles) I started getting passed by people I fought hard to pass so I was off again.  It wasn't pretty...probably looked like I was going to cry...and slowed my pace down but I pushed...stuffed my painful side down (still hurts today by the way)...and sprinted through the finish with a 1:25:09!!!! 

I walked back (after squatting down for a bit) and cheered on the rest of the crew!  I couldn't be more proud of myself today!  Those early miles where I was just feeling awesome and cruising along built confidence in me that I have been looking for!  A little more work fueling and speed and I'm ready to hit my sub 1:50 half!!!!  Many thanks to the kind lady that came up to me after the race and comment on how she was chasing the yellow tutu for 7 miles!  It feels good to be chased instead of the chaser!! 


  1. Sorry you got a stitch in your side near the end especially when everything was going so great. but otherwise...CONGRATS on a great race, you do have some speed in those legs, all that speed work is paying off :)

  2. CONGRATS on an overall great race....the stitchpain is my nemesis!!

  3. I'm so glad we got to hang out before you got speedy ;) Congrats on your great finish and thanks for waiting for us!! See you at the next one!

  4. Congrats!! You are well on your way to a sub 1:50 half!

  5. Fantastic race! I am so sorry we missed each other, but I was right near the two girls in the I Run for Trell shirts for most of the race.

    Great job!

  6. Great job Nancy despite the side stitch!

  7. AMEN! Super speedy. Congrats on a great race

  8. love you all wore tutus- never heard if that was final verdict for beauty and the beast?
    it amazes me when people run in capes, or in this man's case, flags--- I feel like it would make you work HARDER with the wind catching it.

    Great job on a quick 10 miles

  9. What a great race...way to go back and crush it this year!

  10. Congratulations!!! What a strong race!! You did amazing!