Friday, April 4, 2014

Over-Exercise or Training-Mode

When I hurt my back and was unable to run or exercise for about 3 weeks, I knew the only thing I could get control over so that I wouldn't balloon up to massive proportions would be to clean up my eats and really focus on the food I was eating.  My husband was very supportive in this and basically helped me with whatever I needed.  I also began seeing a dietitian weekly to track my eating, weight, and measurements.  Since I'm crazy busy a bad blogger I don't have pictures to show you yet but I'm encouraged by the progress I'm making.  So far I am down 12lbs and 12.5 inches overall!  I am 2lbs away from buying my first pair of skinny jeans (that was my first reward planned)!
A question came up last week during our meeting when my weight loss stopped.  It was slowing down significantly from the weeks where I wasn't exercising, which made zero sense to me.  How could I be eating well and exercising and NOT losing weight???  She kept telling me I was which I kept replying "I'm training" or "I have been running this much for 7 years".  It was a circle we went around and around and finally landed on working in more food for me (which resulted in a 3lb loss this week!)  It got me thinking about what is over-exercising and am I in fact doing that or not fueling well...I found a few things...
US News described over-exercising in a similar way but their study adds in fat gain.  While I wasn't gaining fat, my weight wasn't budging.  Looking over these symptoms I would argue that I in fact was not over-exercising.  None of these symptoms describe me except for the weight staying still.  I am encouraged by my increase in protein this week leading to a loss and I think it was more of a balance issue.  This way I can continue to train like I want to and keep my sanity while still making gains towards my goal!
Do you see yourself showing any of these symptoms?  
I think its important to be mindful of your body and how you are pushing it.  Yes when we are training in order to get the most out of our bodies we are tired...sore...cranky...and prone to injury.  The difference is when we push ourselves to the point of too much...and that is different for everyone.

To help me continue on this clean eating road....I have signed up for Laura's Spring Reset Challenge starting April 21st.
I did the January reset with Laura earlier this year and it was an amazing experience!  Not only did I get so many awesome recipes and feel lighter, I gained a better understanding about my body and what fuel makes it work well.  Laura is incredibly supportive and knowledgeable!  Don't miss this chance to work with her!  Sign up for the 21 day reset with me and let the detoxing begin!


  1. I hate when it feels like I'm doing everything right, but the scale goes the opposite direction!! More protein? Rest? sounds good to me :)

  2. I think rest is so important. I think we should plan for rest even before tired hits.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. This is such a good point, and I think sometimes as a mom it is hard to tell when I am tired because I was up 45 times with my child or because I worked out 5x during the week.

  4. I learned the hard way that rest is crucial. It's best to listen early because your body is going to let you know it's time to rest one way or another. WTG with your progress. I can see you in the skinny jeans now!

  5. Thanks for sharing, Nancy- so glad you can join us again!!