Monday, April 7, 2014

Monday Motivation...London Marathon Style

Tomorrow my BRF Jill will hop on a plane, cross "the pond", and run the London Marathon...her 10th marathon!!!  To say that I am proud of Jill wouldn't explain the tears in my eyes as I write this!  She has persevered this year...fought through a hard winter...braved the elements and curves that life has thrown her...and has made it!  I met Jill while I was 7 months pregnant with Em and she was the firecracker teacher that taught next to me.  5 years later I can't imagine my life without her!!  She motivates run harder...challenge myself more...and be a strong person!  Jill, you have put in the work...fought the fight...and I know the challenges you faced and will face are NOTHING compared to the drive you have within you!!  You are the strongest, bravest, most tenacious runner I have ever met and you are going to ROCK that city!!!

Jill is running for the American Institute for Cancer Research.  Help a girl out and donate....any little bit helps!


  1. While tears stream down my face....thank you. I say "friend" proudly. ox

  2. GO JILL GO!!!!
    I love london. I love charitable twists. the running? not yet :-)

  3. Go Jill Go!!! What an awesome achievement! And I love that quote!

  4. Running besties are the best kind of friend! How'd she do???