Thursday, May 1, 2014


Whoot Whoot!  It's Thursday!!  Sit on down for this week's dose of randomness!!

Busy...Do you ever have those times in life when you continually hear the same message over and over until you realize that that message is for YOU?  It started with reading the fabulous post from Miz Carla Birnberg about "Ending the Glorification of BUSY" and taking off our "busy" badge of honor.  It got me thinking hard about the things that I fill my time challenged me to monotask and to show my girls that when I'm playing with them I am WITH THEM and no one or thing is pulling that from them!  Easier said than done but it certainly has challenged me to go in that direction.  Then today I was listening to this week's AMR podcast with Sarah and Dimity. They were talking with a life coach, who's name is escaping me at the moment I am so sorry!, and she was talking about how to make time and guessed it...the glorification of busy!  A few things that she said really stuck with me as well and has me continuing to think more about the choices I make and the busyness of life.  She talked about how we feel when we are overwhelmed...for me it's trapped and angry.  She also spoke about when you see people socially and they ask you how you many of us describe how busy we are!  I am so guilty of this!!  I am busy yes...I have a husband and two small girls, I work full time, I also work part time, I am a distance runner...but these are all choices I have made and they are ones that yes make the days full but also make life full in an amazing way.  I am getting the message...being present...owning my choices...and stop putting that busy badge on every morning and just live!  Do you wear a badge of busy?

Recovery...After Sunday's 10 miler, I was noticably cursing the flights of stairs at school sore or why must the curbs be so high sore!!  Going problem but going down...not pretty!  I decided on a rest day Monday since it was the day after the race.  Tuesday I ran slowly and did kettlebells but took out the leg exercises.  Wednesday I did something not like me....I rested again!  I have Ragnar Cape Cod coming up next weekend and I don't want to be sluggish.  Well look at that.....I'm listening to my body and being NICE to it!!!  It's only taken me 14 years!!!!  I'm not saying that it is easy to rest mind body is saying, "Oh thank you Jesus!" but my mind is saying..."Warning...Need to run!"
Ragnar...Like I said Ragnar is coming next week and now that the 10 miler is behind me, I have turned my focus on  the relay and not only what to pack (anyone want to tell me what to pack????) but also how to train.  I have put in a lot of miles...(Scored 130 miles in April!!!!)...but the key I'm thinking with the relay is the fatigue.  Yes I fully realize that it is NEXT FRIGGIN WEEK but I think I need to get in at least one trial run!  I am going to try on Friday to wake early and do my first leg (4.5 miles) then run at night my second (3.8 miles) and on Saturday morning run my third (8.4 scare the every loving crap out of me miles).  I am concerned about the last leg since I am the last runner and I want to finish strong (i.e. not getting to the finish line crawling across the sand and deliriously cheering!)  Amy is some serious inspiration in Ragnar training...this girl even ran on her treadmill with the lights off!!  You're amazing!  Any advice for this Ragnar newbie?


  1. Don't go all out on your first leg, you might not have anything left in the tank for the last leg. Big variety of snacks, what tasted good during the first part of the relay may just make you want to gag after your last leg :) but have fun and take lots of pictures!

  2. ooh thank you!!!!!!!

    I love when Im surprised by a link to me.
    thank you thank you!

  3. haha - or crazy! I hope we cross paths along the way :)

  4. I think a practice weekend of your legs is a great idea. I just don't think you have to run all the miles? But, I've never run a Ragnar, so what do I know?

  5. I am so worried about the same thing, Nancy! luckily my last one is short, but I just don't know how to get myself ready for it. You'll be great though, and walk run or crawl we'll all be happy to see you at the end :) Can't wait!!

  6. So exciting about Ragnar! I've never done one before:) On by bucket list. I loved that post by Carla! It is so true. Why do people think being so busy is a good thing?

  7. Big. Huge. Ginormous. Busy badge here. And thinking about it I seem to wear it proudly. I don't know that I talk about how busy I am when friends ask how are you. Maybe I do and I don't even realize it. I'm happier with busy. I think I can wear my busy badge and be present. Maybe I can't? Something to think about.

    I hope you'll join us for coffee tomorrow :) Ultimate Coffee Date #2!