Wednesday, May 21, 2014

What's Your Brave New Route?

If you've been a reader for here for any time, you know that I just love me a virtual race!  They are super convenient because you can run them whichever day (usually) and wherever you want!  Sometimes you can earn prizes or massive, awesome medals, and other times you can support a worthy cause.  When I discovered Jost Running, I found out that I could do both!  Earn myself a massive medal....
and support great causes!  This month's virtual race at Jost Running supports the ALS Association.  You can register for a 5k, 10k, half marathon, or marathon.  I chose the half since I had just run Ragnar and I knew that I would be able to cover the distance no problem.
 The point of this month's race was to seek out new routes and go on an adventure with running.  It may seem weird but since we moved to our new neighborhood 2 years ago, I have not really explored the neighborhood and all it's side streets.  Basically I tried once and got WICKED lost and had to use my GPS just to find my way home!  That was how our neighborhood got it's nickname "The Bermuda Triangle"!  Since then I have focused on the same 2 routes each time I head out the door!  For this run I decided that after my usual jaunt on my one go-to route, I would add in snaking around my neighborhood like Dora the Explorer.  I was surprised by what I found...trails that I earmarked for exploring when I wasn't alone...houses that were awesome...neighborhoods I never knew were there!  I wouldn't say that I am an expert just yet on navigating my neighborhood, but I'm glad that this virtual race forced me to get out of my comfort zone and be "brave"! 
I was also pretty psyched when I looked down and saw that I had covered the 13.1 in 2:01!  I would have thought snaking around my neighborhood and not really focusing on pace would have resulted in a slower pace.  I'll take it and know that I am in a good place for my next half in July! 

There is still time to enter this virtual race yourself...get a sweet medal and support ALS!  Up next for me with Jost Running is The Crank it Up 10k to support the National Young Arts Foundation!  You can again choose the 5k, 10k, half marathon, or marathon.
Who's going to crank up the tunes in June with me?

I was provided a voucher from Jost Running to participate in the race but the opinions expressed are 100% mine!


  1. My bf did the Jost Virtual Race this month with his two boys and they loved it! Those medals are AMAZING!

  2. Love that medal! Might just join in :) .

  3. Super cool medal and congrats on a fabulous time!

  4. Love the medal! I took the boys for a walk in our neighborhood and realized how much it connects and winds around. I was just laughing about this with a mom who got lost after crossing (Old Stage) and got insanely lost - flagging down cars. That was before we had cell phones :) pretty thankful for gps on the phone!