Thursday, May 22, 2014


Considering that I have thought it was Thursday for the past two days...I'm pretty psyched that it actually IS in fact Thursday!  Letting my brain dump're welcome!

To pin or not to pin...I was contacted by a company that is working with KickStarter to develop a product called the Slick Bib.  The video is actually pretty funny when talking about the effects of using safety pins to put your bib on, but I honestly have done just about everything from pricking myself to putting holes in my shirts.  Plus I'm always the one with the crooked bib!  The only drawback of this is that you have to wear the same shirt but I do think it's a cool idea!  Check it out for yourself!

Sleep please...We are all busy and as a working mom, sleep is the first thing sacrificed when I have things I need or want to do like run, hit the gym, catch up with my hubby, do laundry, and of course catch up on Real Housewives (Ramona is legit crazy am I right?).  Because I am a teacher, the summer has traditionally been a time where I can sleep in a little more and "fill my battery" so that I can spend another 9 months waking before the sun.  However, I often times get to the end of the year and reach the point where I am now....fall on my face tired!
I have been having severe eye twitches to the point where my eye just gives up and think it's trying to tell me something?!  I even posted something on Facebook (you know ask the experts) to see if there was something wrong with my brain but the consensus says....I need more sleep and less stress!  With seniors who have a serious case of senioritis and fires to put out each day, it looks like I'm going to have to focus on the sleep part!  I decided that, at least for next week (let's not get too crazy here) I was going to do my runs in the afternoon which will give me one more hour of sleep.  As I start to gear up again for my next half marathon in July, I want to go into this cycle feeling strong and not run down.  How do you catch up on sleep?

Crank it up...Yesterday I shared with you all about a virtual race I did with Jost Running.  The virtual race for next month is called Crank it Up....and we're throwing down the challenge flag to those of you out there that are ready to crank up your running...or miles you're covering.  The challenge is to sign up for either the half marathon or marathon....and then cover that distance in June!  Break it down over the 30 days...cover the distance any way you can...and earn yourself one of these bad jacksons!
I mean really....I know you're dying to sport a giant record Run DMC style at the beach this summer!!  Yesterday I said that I was doing the 10k but since I'm throwing the challenge to all of you....I'm putting my miles where my mouth is!!!  My only question is....who's coming with me?!


  1. i love sleep, seriously I really do. I make it a top priority over pretty much everything...except running :)

  2. That bib idea is really pretty cool. Sleep? what's that?

  3. Sleep is crucial but so easy to skimp on! Going to bed earlier is the only thing that works for me- I have an early riser, and it never fails that the night's I stay up late, she's up extra early!

  4. End of the year teacher stress is the worst. I used to teach and the end of the year was always so crazy. I hope your eye twitch gets better soon, not much fun. As far as sleep goes I feel like I will never catch up! Hope you get some rest and some happy runs in!

  5. I have had the eye twitch thing before too and it was soo annoying, it seemed like I had it for weeks. It was pretty much a not enough sleep and too stressed out kind of thing. Hope you get rid of yours soon!