Friday, May 2, 2014

Friday Favs

Just stopping by on this Friday morning to share some of the things I'm loving lately!  Em has kindergarten orientation today and I'm in that space where I'm thinking, "How in the heck did this happen?!" so needless to say my mind is elsewhere!!

Oiselle...A while back I attended a sneak preview of Oiselle's new spring line at Bayside Runner (a local running shop) and scored myself this awesome #RunLove shirt! 
It is so soft and who does love to wear a hashtag!  LoL!  Now if only I could get my hands on the Boston Oiselle shirts!

Apera Bags...I was given an Apera Bag a while back and this bag is serious business!!!  I used it the day Aubs had surgery and I could pack everything except the kitchen sink in this baby!  The best part was that it didn't even hurt my back having all that stuff in there!  It has awesome padded straps and just a great design!
I can't wait to show you all how I'm going to utilize this awesome bag for Ragnar next week!!!  Right now this design is 40% off online!

HumaGel...I tried out Huma Chia Energy Gel last year when they first came out with their flavors and was psyched to try out their new flavors.  Huma is packed with real ingredients including chia seeds for a natural energy boost for your exercise.
I tried out mango and blueberry and they were both awesome!  The packs are bigger than other gels so at first I always think it will be too much, but they are light and easy on the belly....even my cranky one!  Definitely try them out if your looking for an easy to digest energy gel...or a snack! :-)  Their other flavors are strawberry and apples and cinnamon which are also delish!  You can buy them online here!

Ultimate Direction...Ultimate Direction is a sponscer of the ZOOMA Women's Race Series and I was so excited when a fun box of goodies was on my doorstep last month!  I use a handheld on all my long runs (when I don't forget it as I'm heading out the door!) and this one is awesome!
It has grooves in the bottle where I can put my fingers for a comfy fit.  The inside pocket can hold my gel and a key as well as an ID.  One problem I had with my handheld before was that it dripped...on my phone...yeah you do the math!  This one closes nice and tight so no leaking!  This is a must pack for next week's Ragnar!

Mini-Cheerleaders...I just had to include this pic because it just made my day to get it texted to me by my sister this morning! 
This was from last weekend's race!  The girls were the best cheerleaders and definitely gave me the boost I needed at mile 7!!


  1. Oh my goodness, such a cute picture of the girls!

  2. Awesome! I love love love my Tech Pack from Apera!

  3. I have that Oiselle shirt too! It's so comfy! I love my Apera sling tote. It holds so much stuff and I carry it every day to work. You have some super cute cheerleaders!

  4. I need the Oiselle Boston shirt too! I'm bummed my UD water bottle broke before I even had a chance to use it.

  5. I am definitely going to try some of the huma gels. I dislike GU and I think this would be a great alternative. Love chia.

  6. I tried the Huma Gels a while back and loved them too, I think once I get back to running long and needing them again they will be one of the first things I will buy. Such a fan of chia. I don't have anything oiselle yet, going to have to change that one of these days, I really love what I see from them and that picture of the your daughter is adorable.

  7. Those are some adorable cheerleaders :)
    I've never tried huma gels, but i love chia seeds..
    Have fun at Ragnar next week!

  8. Love the new Huma flavors and my Apera bag!

  9. Nice, I didn't realise that there were such things as energy jels. Based on your review, it might be nice to try them out.

  10. You are very lucky to try so many cool products! LOVE the cheerleader picture, soo cute!!