Friday, May 16, 2014

Five for Friday...Lessons Learned at #RagnarCapeCod

Spending 2 days, well just over 27 hours in a van with 6 other people...running to the furthest point on Cape Cod, you learn many things about yourself and others alike.  Though it is hard to narrow them down to just five, bear with me as I reflect a bit over last weekend's experience.

1.  You can meet people for the first time and leave them feeling like you've just made 4 new friends!
Even though I had been a reader of Beth and Lisa's blogs, this was the first time meeting them and Betsy and Brian.  I feel so thankful for having shared this experience with them!  We laughed and chatted like we had known each other for years...supported each other and lifted each other up...shared inside jokes and sweaty seats!

2.  Hydrate, hydrate, and hydrate!!!  I lost sight of this at times and admittedly battled stomach pains which I attribute to hydration.  Even though it isn't super hot, you need to hydrate...early and often!!

3.  You CAN overcome your fears!!  At Ragnar I stared several fears in the face and laughed as I watched them back down!  Fear #1...running in the dark, alone, on a secluded path....did I mention I was alone?
In the past, I would have backed down from this challenge letting my fear of something happening to me take over.  This time I had no choice and aside from the few baby fox and fishermen, I ran a peaceful run alone in the dark!  I even caught myself thinking the other day that I should run more around my neighborhood in the early morning...I mean I have to use all that reflector gear at some point!!

4.  Finish lines are to ALWAYS be celebrated!  I've never been so happy to see that huge, orange arch in my life!!
I know there was a team picture taken at the finish but does anyone know where it is?
Our team worked hard together...van 1 and 2 gave it our all each time we stepped out of the van...we worked hard and earned a 71st place together...something to celebrate!!

5.  For each celebration, there an even greater sacrifice on the other end.  While I was making a 192 mile trek to P-town, my husband was holding down the fort and these little ladies were missing their mom.
Catching up on sleep was not a priority when I got was lifting the burden off my husband...spending time cuddling with my girls...trying to get back to normal as a family knowing I threw them all off kilter.  It is important to recognize the sacrifice of others.

5+.  HAVE A BLAST (and work on your jumping face!)  It is a race...yes.  Each leg you want to run your best...yes.  You want to pass as many runners as you can...yes.  However at the end of the day...enjoy the belly laughs, inside jokes, and crazy things everyone says after not sleeping for many many hours!  Have FUN!!


  1. Couldn't agree more, especially on #1! Loved meeting everybody and it's amazing how quickly we all got along! Couldn't have asked for a better group of people to share that adventure with!

  2. so glad you loved your experience. I DEFINITELY need to work on my jumping face- its like I can't jump up and smile? I think we need to take pointers from miss Betsy

  3. Love that you had a great experience!

  4. It is fun bonding with new people so quickly!!

  5. We really did have a good group (thank goodness!)! Everyone was awesome! And you are such a champ, this is the 2nd time you mentioned the stomach cramps, yet I didn't hear you complain about that once on the van….unless I just missed it :-/

  6. What a fun way to spend a weekend. I have been hearing so much about the Ragnar Relay - maybe that will be me one day.

  7. So fun! I loved seeing all your pics through social media last week.

  8. Relay runs are such an amazing experience. It sounds like you took away some great memories. I love your tip about working on your jumping face :)

  9. Jealous. The race and the team. Yes, I'm jealous :)

    What fun!