Friday, August 8, 2014

Fitness Friday...Finish What You Started

I started using this mantra many years ago when I found out I was pregnant with our second daughter while I was training for a 20 miler.  I was determined to continue the work I was doing and finish the race I had been training for for so long.  This phrase would pop into my head on those last miles when my legs were feeling like lead and my mind was trying its best to convince me to stop and just walk it in.  Over time this phrase has continued to remind me to keep pushing ALL the way to the the finish line...until the last rep is complete...until I reach the goal I have in front of me. 

Today I decided to do my long run early since I am away from home and knew that once I got home I wouldn't want to leave my family for 2 hours to run.  I drove to campus early so that I would have plenty of time to run and shower before I needed to teach.  The campus is a mile long circle of sorts and so I began circling campus...counting down each time as I passed my car.  It was so peaceful on campus and it was a great time spent reflecting on the years spent there and the memories they held.  After 6 loops I decided I needed a little kick and I grabbed my Yurbuds for some tunes.  When my watch clicked to mile 8, my mind started its game again of convincing me to one will know if you can always make up the 2 miles later're tired and sore and deserve a break.  Then I thought...FINISH WHAT YOU START! 

I have worked hard to get to where I am in my running and weight loss.  I have pushed my body to get it here and this was the reminder that I needed not to stop when I'm tired but stop when I'm done...when I've reached my goal...reached my weight...reached my finish line...when I finish what I've started!!  It's easy to let things eek in and convince us that we've come far enough or we work so hard we deserve a break, but we know what our goal is and we need to push until we finish!! 
I did finish my 10 miles and felt SO awesome for doing so....I even scored myself some negative splits!!
KEEP PUSHING!!!  You WILL get there!


  1. Great job getting it done. Hate those mind games!

  2. Great job! That is why sometimes I hate multiple out and backs or loops, so tempting to cut it short.

  3. way to be disciplined... wish I could same the same for me. You do look FABULOUS and so proud of far you've come :)