Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Let's Talk Training

I haven't done one of these posts since I ran Ragnar!  Yes I've been training but haven't been posting.  I guess at times it seems pretty boring to me since it all sort of looks the same but this training cycle for ZOOMA Cape Cod has been different because I have been working to incorporate my miles in with the 12 Weeks to a Fit Physique that I am doing with Jolynn Toma.  I can honestly say it is kicking my hiney but it's awesome and I can feel myself getting stronger and stronger!  This past week however I was away from a gym and thus I stuck to just the running plan....I will post next week how I'm working in the strength training from Jolynn and my half marathon training plan.  I loved my week filled with running but was sad that no miles were clocked with my BRF Jill who is battling foot injuries!  She's a trooper but injuries stink!  Dare I say I missed the weights....who am I becoming???

Monday: 4 miles after class...Realized with a quickness that I am SOO spoiled by living on Cape Cod with our sea breezes.  I felt like my face was literally melting off!!
Tuesday: 5 miles...Woke up with the sun for a loop around the island of Nahant.  I was missing my BRF but loving the sunrise views!
Wednesday: 6 mile track workout...3X1600 @ 8:07 pace with 800 jogs and 1 mile WU and CD...Yeah the heat I was mentioning....SUCKS!  I quickly chugged down a bottle of water and a Quest bar before meeting a good friend, Lisa, for a boot camp class.  It was a hard class but you know me...I loved it!  Certainly earned my margarita after!
Thursday: 3.5 miles...Jill yes is battling her foot injury but convinced me she could do a quick run...Marathon Sports in Melrose was hosting a pub run.  It was fun and had a great time meeting many new runners!
Friday: 10.1 miles...I knew I wanted to get my long run in before I got home so that I could relax and spend time with my family who I had missed terribly!  I woke up bright and early and literally ran 10 circles around campus!  It was such a peaceful time on campus and I was able to spend the time laughing at memories and praying over the campus.  I'm not going to lie...it was a challenge in the later miles each time I passed my car!!!
Saturday & Sunday: 2 miles....Brought the girls out for a bike ride on a path near our house...while they rode I ran!  I was more than happy to rest up on Sunday!!!

How was your week?? 
Have you ever done a pub run?


  1. Great week Nancy! especially making it through 10 miles of loops! I have done a pub run once and I would do it again, fun times!

  2. What a great week! You are doing awesome!

  3. Wow, you got some serious mileage in this week! Good job!!