Monday, August 11, 2014

Monday Motivation

I was thinking this past week that I am starting to fall into...this is good enough...mode with my running which is NOT going to score me a PR for my next race, ZOOMA Cape Cod!  If we want to reach new levels with whatever it is that we are doing we need to be constantly challenging ourselves...pushing ourselves to reach the potential that we have.  Today is your day to not settle for status quo and really take that step to challenge yourself!!
What do you do to challenge yourself?  How are you going to challenge yourself today?
Me I'm pushing my pace this morning on my run...getting to that uncomfortable spot on purpose! 


    one big huge challenge.
    and I love it.

  2. My challenge this morning will be to keep the pace of my run "easy" I always want to push it. I did two hard runs over the weekend so it is time to slow it down!

  3. Good question! I'm going to think on it.

  4. I've been taking it easy for a few weeks but am really starting to get the itch to challenge myself again in training!

  5. My challenge this morning was to pick right back up with marathon training even though I was tired from the relay this weekend. My 3 miles weren't great, but the achieved my goal of loosening up my legs. It just took 2 miles to get there.