Wednesday, August 6, 2014

We #BeattheHeat with Jost Running

Apparently along with beaching it as much as possible and trying to squeeze out every last drop of sunlight in the summer, I'm also a bad blogger!  I'm still doing my thing and getting my sweat on each day but not always writing about it.  During the school year I am on much more of a schedule and everything else falls into that as well!  To see what my days are looking like this summer follow me on Instagram where I post more often!

One thing that I have been doing this most rising early to beat the summer heat!  While this summer so far has not been out of control temp wise, the humidity has been present and accounted for!  Beating the sun helps me to keep my face melting to a minimum!  How appropriate that July's Jost Running Virtual races were named Beat the Heat!  Proceeds went to support Girls on the Run, a great organization that gets young girls out and moving while teaching them so many valuable lessons!  I used my Jamestown Half Marathon as my half marathon virtual as well and was happy to get myself back into the sub 2-hour club!!!  Em joined again for this challenge with her bike in tow and completed the 10k again!  This girl is seriously motivated by the bling!!! 
There is still time to sign up for an August virtual race with Jost Running.  This month's race is to support Camp Promise, a week long camp for kids with muscular dystrophy and similar neurological disorders. 

Em has decided she is running her miles this month and already has one under her belt!  Hit a home run and join us!

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  1. I just checked the Jost Running Website and they have a Oktoberfest race in October - totally need to sign up for this one! Thanks for sharing!!