Friday, September 5, 2014

Fitness Friday...The Human Side of Change

I was unpacking boxes in my classroom this week and I came upon a book from one of my post-graduate classes many moons ago named, The Human Side of School Change.  The course, and the book as well, addressed the fact that initiatives and changes happen in schools, however there are people and lives attached to that change.  I remember taking the course and feeling these upper ups realized that change wasn't just what it said on paper.

Flash forward to this week...when change is running-a-muck in the Fancy Nancy house!  The blessing of being a teacher is that I have the summer with my family...however it always comes to an end.  This week I went back to school and Aubs started back at daycare (Em starts Monday).  In addition to going back to school, I am now (happily) housed in one school only which unfortunately happens to be the latest school meaning my up and out of the house mornings along with my home early afternoons are done....yeah change is running-a-muck!! 

During the school year I had a good rhythm going...I got my lunches prepped...workouts cleaned...I was Sarah Jessica Parker in "How Does She Do It"!  The summer took some time but I found my rhythm again fitting it all in.  Now that I am back to school I can best equate it to when you are running a marathon and you stop to walk....and it is like the Little Engine that Could getting going again!  I feel like I'm slowly chugging up the hill again!  I know that things will get back into a new rhythm again but I just have to look at this week and say...."I've tried my best!"  I know I can't just not run or workout (I kind of have a big race coming in a few weeks....can anyone say ZOOMA!!!!!) but this week hasn't been pretty.  In fact I have a date with my treadmill tonight after the ladies go to bed (how romantic I know) since I got on my mill this a mile into my run...and said, "Nope not going to happen this morning!" 

How do you get yourself into a new rhythm after a big change?
Definitely feeling like this this morning!!


  1. This year is all about adjusting my routine. First I switched from a working wife to a stay at home mom. And currently I have my family from Germany here for 3 weeks. I love having them here, but my regular routine is out the window. I miss running and my mommy groups.

  2. A new or maybe it's back into I'm not sure, but finding my rhythm after a wonderful summer break has been tough this year. Almost. Day by day getting into a comfortable routine :)

    Have a wonderful weekend Nancy!

  3. I am so happy the kids are back in school, gives me more of a routine on my days off during the week and I get so much more done!