Tuesday, September 30, 2014

#ZOOMA Cape Cod Half Marathon Recap

I fear that to try to put this past weekend into words would run the risk of sounding either too cheesy or would cheapen what this weekend meant to me.  I'll try my best!! :-) 

Friday afternoon started with bus duty at school putting me leaving late from there and thus picking up Aubs late...and like any good snowball would roll...we were just late all around!  Before I knew it I heard Dani's voice at the front door as I chased Em to put her shin guards on!  Good thing it was a judgement free zone since Aubs went to soccer practice sporting a pink tutu and rain boots....hey at least they were dressed!!  Thankfully the hubby was there and was awesome to take charge as we jetted off to the Sea Crest Beach Hotel.
This sunset is amazing every year!!
What I haven't mentioned earlier was that I was part of a interview/video shoot with Feetures! which began at the expo!  After looking around quickly and of course a quick fun shot with Amy and Dani, I met up with Mary and Matt from Feetures! to start the filming. 

Dani, Amy, and I
It was certainly awkward at first but honestly they were so easy to work with and so incredibly friendly that eventually it felt like I was hanging out with friends!  I think it goes without saying that it is not an every day thing for me to be followed around with a camera, filmed running, or interviewed, but they both made it an awesome experience!!
Matt and Mary from Feetures!
After that I headed over to the Honest Tea Mocktail Party to meet up with the other ambassadors and give big hugs!  I can honestly say that this is an incredible group of ladies who I am proud to be a part of!  We spent the weekend laughing, encouraging, and celebrating each other....the best example of what runners are all about!!
Ambassadors: Angela, Danielle, Amy, me, Jess, Dani, Nicole, Jessica (and baby Will), and missing Kelly
The next day came early after a late dinner with Amy, Jess, Jessica, Dani, and Amy's husband (aka best sport ever!!).  We got to the Sea Crest (also the starting/finish line) and met up at Amy's room to stay warm and avoid the porta potties! 
Amy's porch....ambassador headquarters
Soon enough it was go time!  We took a few more pictures at the start (Jill ran the 10k last minute...wish I could have seen her more!) and then the 10k runners were off. 

Within 5 minutes it was our time to go!!  A quick wave to our camera man Matt and we were off!  I decided to run with Dani and Jessica for the half but we also started with Jess and Danielle as part of our pack!  The first 3 miles rolled through scenic Falmouth passing harbors filled with moored boats and classic Cape scenery capped off with a jog with Matt from Feetures!  His skills were impressive as he filmed and ran and didn't trip on anything! 8:33, 8:13, 8:09

We turned onto the bike path and welcomed some nice shade as the conversation flowed easily.  We talked about races, family, you name it while meeting new people (the sweetest girl who's running Cape Cod Marathon for her 26th birthday) and dealing with grouchy ladies in Beach to Beacon shirts who were pissed about being passed by some chickies in sparkle skirts!!  Seriously lady you didn't need to push by us...there was a huge open road...oh yeah and then we left you in our dust!!!  We passed a friend of mine who needs to be mentioned!  Jaime lost at least 80lbs and this was her first 10k...she however tore her meniscus the week before...but being determined she walked the whole 10k and cheered on every single person who passed her...WAY TO GO Jaime!!!!  8:27, 8:30, 8:32
Dani takes the best running selfies!!!
The miles were clicking by pretty quickly and even though I am HORRIBLE at figuring out my paces, I knew a PR was in my sights!  I was getting a bit tired and my stomach was cramping a bit partly from a veteran mistake of trying new fuel race day (duh!) and partly because the roads were beginning to roll.  A surprise showing by Matt our Feetures! camera man pushed us through mile 8 but I was starting to feel it!  He asked me how it was going to which I answered, "Feeling strong and hitting our paces...it's going great!".  After Jessica asked what paces we were shooting for...my answer, "I don't know...it just sounded like a good thing to say!!"  8:33, 8:31, 8:36, 8:38

Then the hills came and my fancy wheels fell off!  This is where I was the most thankful for my encouraging and amazing running buddies there by my side!!  Each hill brought stomach cramps and a stop to walk...as I watched that PR slip right on by.  Ugh!!  The back half of this race is not for the faint of heart...it was friggin HARD!!  I was not letting the wheels completely fall off and Dani and Jessica began breaking down the distance for me until we crested the last KILLER hill and let our legs fly down to the finish!! 9:05, 9:11, 9:19
We crossed the finish with arms raised having spent our journey together!!  I can't say enough about how awesome it was to run with these ladies!!

My partners in crime, Dani and Jessica!!
 I'm going with the finish time of 1:53:24...since that's what my watch said for 13.1.  The course was actually long and our official results are 1:54:18...if you want to get technical!  For me I'm sticking to the first time!!
Beachin it!!
After party did not disappoint...food, wine and relaxing on the beach was just the way for me to celebrate half #31 and spending the weekend with some really fabulous ladies!!  A big shout out to another friend of mine, Joan, who rocked her first 10k as well!!!  I am kicking myself for those walks since they kept me from getting that PR but I can't help but be proud of the race I ran!  This course has not heard the last of me though....next year I'll be ready to eat those dang hills for breakfast!!!  I have loved being a ZOOMA ambassador and being able to run with these ladies is icing on the cake!!


  1. Ambassador headquarters was awesome…I don't know why we haven't done that before? And my fancy wheels definitely fell off the last 3 miles, I think you ladies had speedy spares :) You ran a great race Nancy!

  2. You guys did such an amazing job with that race! Way to go! I cannot wait until I"m healed up enough to run with you all again, I miss you so much!

  3. I'm honored to have met the next Feetures star! Great work on the course...those hills! Blech!!!

  4. Sounds like a great time! Hills do have a way of ruining the fun don't they..stupid hills. Fabulous time all the same :)

  5. Ha, I love your comment to Jessica in response to "what paces are we shooting for" - too funny!

    Loved running with you guys for the first few miles, maybe if I had eaten breakfast or brought fuel with me I could have actually kept up! So glad we finally got to meet and we'll definitely have to get together for a run soon now that I'm on the Cape full time!

  6. i've always wanted be able to cross the finish line holding hands with friends! I LOVE that the ladies were mad they were passed by you ladies.... who needs grouchy runners on the course anyway???

  7. Best race recap EVER. Beautiful pictures and all the smiles tell me you were having a blast. I'd love to add this one to my bucket list some year - even though the hills will kick my butt. It just looks like a beautiful place to run.

  8. Working with Feetures was an awesome experience! Sorry your race didn't go as planned, but you have such a great attitude, I know you're going to kill it next year!

  9. Go Team Ambassadors! I had such a blast with you ladies. And I swear, next year I am going to keep up with you all :)

  10. I had SO MUCH fun running with you and Dani and getting to hang with all of the ambassadors this year. What a great race weekend--can't wait for next year!

  11. WTG Nancy! Awesome race and such a fun experience! A Zooma here in Cincinnati (or close by) would be awesome.

  12. Looks so beautiful there!!! You did AMAZING!! Sorry you had so much stomach trouble.