Thursday, September 11, 2014


Woo hoo!!!  Thursday again my friends so here's your weekly dose of randomness courtesy of moi! 

Time is ticking...I promise this is the last time I will mention that I am feeling like the Little Engine that Could with the start of the school year.  I think the hardest part for me is the time I am now getting home...a full hour later than I was last year.  Two things about this make me squirm and want to throw a temper tantrum.  The first is that I get to see tiny tornado just a short time before dinner and the bedtime routine begins.  The second is that I have an hour less to get things done.  We used to run to pick up Aubs once I picked up Em and then ran around the neighborhood...or picked up things we needed at stores...or sat around and giggled...we just had the time.  Now....not so much!  I fully recognize that I am blessed to be able to get home that early when regular working people tend to get done at work at 5...I will get there but this is the first week and I'm pouting!
Yesterday I made sure when we got home...before any clearing of backpacks or starting of dinner...we went outside and played!  It was great!

Do more...As I said in yesterday's post, I like to do more with my miles than just running them as often as I can.  Enter Miss Dani, fellow ZOOMA ambassador and just overall amazing runner, Weight Watchers leader, and person!  She has been part of Tedy's Team to #FightStroke for the past 2 years and has raised an AMAZING $15,575!!!  Her goal is to hit the $20,000 mark and get a spot on the team again this year for Boston.  One amazing part of this is that she has found a donor to match any donations made in September (her birthday month!!!) up to $1200....AWESOME!  Here's where you come into play!  Dani is hosting a virtual 5k this month.  A $25 donation gets you in and along with helping Dani reach her goal you also get a wicked cool medal and 7 entries into her raffle of amazing prizes!  

You can also just donate $20 and receive 5 entries into the raffle.  Want to join Dani in #FightStroke?  Visit her site here and register today!!

Bully...Our sweet kindergartner started school this week and I suddenly realized as a mom my worst nightmare...what if she's bullied?   I never realized in my 14 years as being a teacher how vulnerable parents can feel sending their children to school for the first time.  I find myself just praying that everyone will love her and realize how amazing she is.  She has come home the past few days talking about a little girl that is not being so nice...After fretting all night I talked with her teacher and I know she will address it, however it of course has me worried (not too hard).  We try to build Em up as much as we can...because she's awesome!  How do I make sure she is strong but still stays sweet?


  1. Ah, you know, everything changes when our kids start school...the feelings that come from knowing our kids are struggling or facing difficult situations can be so hard to deal with. I just keep reminding myself that the best thing I can do as a mother is to love them, support them (by listening and talking to them) and then let them go through these necessary hardships that end up being some of life's BEST and most beautiful lessons. Thinking of you.

  2. It is so hard! My daughter had such a hard time adjusting to school she would cry during the day, she would cry in the mornings and then she found a best friend. Her best friend moved two days later, two weeks into school. GAH. Happily she is loving 1st grade.

  3. I hope your little girl had a great time in kindergarten and no further issue with the other girl. I wish we could protect them anywhere and anytime.