Thursday, November 20, 2014

Balance and Flexibility

 the quality of bending easily without breaking.

Let's talk about things that I am certainly not!  There was a time in my life...probably when I was far younger, that I considered myself very flexible.  However, after a week of daily yoga with GaiamTV through a campaign with Fitfluential, I am realizing that flexibility is something I really need to work on in all areas of who I am!


After taking the quiz to start the program, I was named a Cultivator...

From there GaiamTV has sent me a video a day that includes what yoga workout (is it called a workout) for the day.  They have ranged in difficulty as well as length.  I was most excited to see the one named "Yoga for Athletes"...that girl is in amazing shape...but I found a little lost a lot of the time.  Mid-week I found myself getting to a point where I was a little frustrated with how lost I was during the videos but then the idea of flexibility came back to me.  I have found that I not only need to be more flexible in he physical sense but also in the mental one as well.  It shakes my bones when I have to do something that I am not confident in doing (Thankfully with GaiamTV I can do it in the shelter of my own home) and this has been like that as well.  This is where the flexibility comes in...I need to embrace that feeling and know that a balance of go go go and the calming of yoga is really the challenge for me.

The videos from this week have been a combination of calming and hard work, but if I'm being honest I haven't been able to complete them all the way to finish since some of them are almost an hour.  The shorter ones, like on day 4, I finished all the way through.  What I have enjoyed is the challenge of them and the variety since I am new to yoga and really don't have an idea of what type I like best.  


I am looking forward as the days continue to getting more and more comfortable and flexible!  I know I need it more in my life and this is obviously a challenge I need!


Have you taken the quiz and started a GaiamTV program?

Have you done yoga before?  What was challenging for you at first? 


  1. I love all the workouts and yoga practices that you are now able to do in your own home! It makes it so much more convenient. I love GaiamTV and they have such a great range of videos.

  2. I love yoga and GaiamTV! I don't do it nearly as often as I should, but I do love practicing!

  3. There are so many great yoga videos on You Tube. I found many that are just 20 minutes. No excuses, I can do anything for 20 minutes!

  4. I love yoga but as a runner it can be so challenging because my muscles are soooooo tight. I love the feeling after yoga though! I've never done yoga with Gaiam but it sounds great!

  5. Oh my goodness, thank you for sharing your yoga experience! Yoga has been on my radar for the last several weeks, but didn't want to start anything new until I ran my most recent marathon and quite frankly I wasn't sure where to start. The only yoga I have done previously was through P90x. I really like to idea of trying different kinds of yoga. I appreciate your comments on being mentally flexible as I will probably need to remember that and be patient with myself! Great post!