Wednesday, November 26, 2014

New Workout Wednesday

 As part of the Elf4Health Challenge, today's challenge was to try a new workout.  Thankfully, I was delivered a nifty new yoga workout thanks to GaiamTV as part of #TheBalancedYou 21-day program.  I took the quick quiz, and from there I am emailed different yoga workouts a day. 
Today's was a quick 19 minute "water" video which was similar to belly dancing.  I certainly giggled a lot and when Em joined in we giggled a bit together.  I am liking how these daily videos are certainly pushing me out of my comfort zone and it fit perfect with the Elf 4 Health Challenge of the day! 

Curious to try out GaiamTV yourself?  They are joining in the Black Friday fun and are having a few Black Friday specials including a 99 cent offer which you can find starting on Thanksgiving here until December 1st. 

What kind of workout would you try new?

1 comment:

  1. You have me curious about this "water" video and all that giggling ;)
    Happy Thanksgiving!