Friday, November 7, 2014

For BRFs It's More Than Just Miles

When your feet are in rhythm for miles and miles...your eyes focused on the road share life...the goods...the bads...the hopes and dreams...the worst fears.  For BRFs (Best Running Friends) it is more than just the's a connection that you can't find anywhere else!  I met my BRF while I was pregnant with our first daughter 6 years ago...and I can't imagine who I would be now without her!
How do you thank someone who has run side by side with you through the darkest time in your life...showing you your strength...pushing you to be more than you could have ever thought?  We laughed together...swore together...made plans for crazy races...froze...sorted out whatever was ahead of us...and while we were doing that we were running thousands of miles over 5 years!
My BRF is Jill from Lipstick and Plimsolls...she is one of the best runners...most tenacious runners(people) I have ever known!  She lives passionately about the things and the people she loves the most which makes her the most formative 5 foot tall person you will ever come across!!
Yes she is yelling at me...probably telling me to go f-ing rock it!
For me...for BRFs...the miles that pass are just the icing on the's the connection that counts...the life lived, celebrations had, tears dried during those miles that count.  Tomorrow I will run with Jill for the last time on Massachusetts soil for a while.  Sunday she will board a plane to Boulder and follow her heart.  Even though I am so happy for her, I know I will miss her like crazy cakes!!
Thank you Jill for pulling me up by my Sauconys and showing me that I am strong enough...for listening...for challenging me...for being right there next to me!
Sometimes we clean up!!


  1. And WE clean up beautifully❤️ Thank you for the years here....and being by MY side. For everything.....see you later. 👏

  2. Aw what a great post about your BRF!!! I've got a few of them too and tested them out immensely at my 100 miler two weeks ago. Strangely, they seemed to enjoy running with me in the dark, through my grouchy/whiney moments and still coming back for more!

    Hopefully you get to visit her often - I hear CO is gorgeous!

  3. Jill is such a sweetheart! I know you are going to miss her being across the country but I'm sure you guys have some epic running trips to plan now.