Friday, November 21, 2014

Fitness Friday...Yoga for Runners

I shared with you yesterday my first week with GaiamTV challenging myself to incorporate yoga into my fitness regime.  I know I'm lacking in the flexibility department, but I'm looking forward to seeing growth along the way!  The whole thing has gotten me researching ways that runners can benefit from incorporating yoga into their weekly training.

I know that many fellow bloggers rock their runs AND their yoga poses.  Christine from Live Love Surf rocks the running scene as well as posts the most amazing photos on her Instagram page as she bends her body into the most unique ways!
Fellow ZOOMA ambassador Angela hits paces I hope to see on my Garmin one day and still finds time to bend and balance in her yoga poses.
Fellow mother runner Laura at Mommy Run Fast has posted many times on the benefits of pairing together yoga and running including....wait for it... increased FLEXIBILITY!

Seeing so many runners using yoga along with their running got me looking even further (clearly I need a lot of convincing that bending and stretching were good for running).  Runner's World boasts about how yoga can help to improve your flexibility, ease pain, and reduce stress.  Reading further I found out that the fabulous Lauren Fleshman began practicing yoga after she broke her foot.  The strength she gains from holding poses can be equated for her to a long run or tempo run.  Runner's World went on to say that the strength and flexibility you gain from holding poses not only strengthens your lower half but can help you to run more efficiently leading to better times!  Yatzee!!  Tell me that I can get faster AND reduce my stress and I'm in!!  Now I know this isn't automatic but it is enough for me to continue to work it into my weekly fitness plans in order to balance off my running!

GaiamTV is a great source of various yoga videos that you can try out in your very own home...or bring with you wherever you go!  I found some really great ones that address yoga for runners.  One even is focused on recovery after a run...maybe one I can get the girls to do with me!!


  1. I loved Gaiam too, haven't used it in awhile but I need to! I was going great with yoga then my knee started to hurt and i stopped because I wasn't what was causing it.

  2. Ok, you have convinced me...I'm going to subscribe and give it a try! I took the quiz after your post yesterday and I am a Fire Starter. I think I could definitely use some balance and some down time!

  3. My fancy smancy gym has some GREAT yoga classes that are always SO full. For me it's come down to strength training classes OR yoga and I always go for the strength. On the rare occasion I do get to yoga I'm always SO glad I went and feel wonderful! I just need to make it more of a priority.

  4. I love the yoga studio I've gone to a few times and really need to get there more often. I have a very hard time doing yoga anywhere, but home is especially difficult because I'm never sure I'm doing the poses correctly. Then, the studio is also bad because I look around at everyone else and in comparison, I look like a 2x4. *sigh* As it is, I already do 2 workouts a day, a strength and a cardio. Not sure where I'd add a 3rd.

  5. I will forever Yoga. Stretching = stuff wants to move more efficiently!