Thursday, August 13, 2015

3 Healthy Sources of Electrolytes You Can Get Anywhere

I'm joining in with SaltStick for their #30SaltyDays month.  During these summer months when seat is flowing, we need to remember to replace our electrolytes for a healthy balance.
Here's a guest post from SaltStick about creative and healthy ways to replace your electrolytes!

Now that it’s officially July, much of the country is experiencing summer at its hottest. Our workouts have shifted from indoors to outside, and we are enjoying “getting our sweat on” in the sunshine. To stay hydrated, it’s important to stock up on electrolytes, both during a workout and throughout the day. 

Electrolytes are necessary for regulating blood flow, muscle contraction, and many other biological imperatives. For example, calcium helps maintain strong bones and magnesium keeps muscles relaxed (and thus preventing cramping). To ensure you are getting maximum benefit, it’s best to add healthy sources of electrolytes to your meals throughout the day, including plenty of fruits and vegetables and a few servings of legumes. 

But sometimes life happens. What if you are nowhere near a grocery store, and your only options are seemingly a lot less healthy, such as a gas station or concession stand? It’s harder, but it can be done! Use these creative options below to still get your electrolytes: 

  1. Any fruit: Fruit can be found pretty much anywhere these days, including picnics, gas stations and coffee shops. A simple apple or banana contain plenty of potassium. Most fruits also contain small amounts of calcium and magnesium, further adding to your electrolyte supplies. Grab a heaping dose of fruit salad at the neighborhood potluck, pick up some dried cranberries from a gas station, or snag a banana with your coffee on-the-go. 
  2. Sunflower seeds: As we recently blogged about, sunflower seeds are one of the best sources of magnesium. Just ¼ cup of dry-roasted sunflower seeds contain a whopping 128 milligrams of magnesium, nearly 30 percent of your daily needs. They are also pretty ubiquitous to gas stations and convenience stores. Add cranberries and presto! You’ve got some trail mix packed with electrolytes. 
  3. Mustard: Mustard is currently used by many tennis players to keep from cramping. The exact science behind its effectiveness to prevent cramps is unknown, but many believe it’s due to mustard’s high magnesium content. Add mustard to the hotdog you grab from the Little League concession stand or the turkey sandwich you order from the local deli. 

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