Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Let's Talk Training!!

This past week, as I've mentioned, I was away teaching for the week.  My goal outside of class was to get in ALL the miles so that I could go home at the end of the week and be able to just spend time with my family and not have to go out for a run.  I'll say that by the time Friday rolled around I was ready to be done for a few days!  More on that to come!

Monday: Class started Monday and I drove up to campus that morning so my run had to wait until the afternoon.  One thing I hadn't planned on was that it is FRIGGIN hot off Cape!!!  I had the goal of 10 miles in mind...8 miles later I was thankful I made it without passing out!  Seriously it was a mental and physical battle!  I promptly finished and stuck my head in the freezer!  Needless to say it was a fun night of nausea and a throbbing headache!!

Tuesday: I woke up still not too certain about my body so I kept it easy with pilates in the morning.  By the time the afternoon rolled around I was ready to get my sweat on!  I hit up the fitness center on campus which WOW did I feel old!  But this old lady kicked some ass busting out 5 miles and lifting ALL the weights!  I left spent with a big ole smile on my face!

Wednesday: Up early with the fog....big difference in the morning temps!  I got in 4 miles around campus and some great views too!

In the afternoon I decided I wanted to finally check out some of the trails on campus.  Funny enough in the 4 years I was there as a student I had never really explored that part of campus (except a late night swim in the pond there or our class on the ropes course).  It was beautiful and I had fun remembering funny moments in the woods as a student!  3 more miles added to the day before I met a friend out for dinner

Thursday: I hit up the fitness center again early (far less youngins!) for some weights.  After class I met up with my BRF Jill who is visiting from Colorado.  I just kept looking over while we were running and smiling!!!  I was so excited to see her again!!!
We even capped off our run by checking off something from her bucket list....jumping the wharf!  The water was cold but it was worth the leap!

Friday:  Up early with the sun again to get in 6 miles before class.  My legs were spent by this run...and so was the rest of me!  The past few weeks I have really been struggling with being really fatigued both mentally and physically.  Not something that I want to be happening just 7 weeks before ZOOMA Half Marathon.  I'm also battling with a very angry belly....not really sure what is going on there.  I'm hoping this week I can get some more energy for my workouts and that my stomach can stop hating me so much!!

I was certainly happy to cross the bridge and be back with hubs and these two lovely ladies!!!

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  1. Sounds like you're body is needing some rest, especially if you're feeling equally mentally fatigued. It can be so hard to pull back when you have something you're training for too. hope you can get in some recovery days or extra zzzzzz's. And ending the run with that leap into the water? Perfect!