Thursday, August 6, 2015


Boy I think this week I'll have trouble limiting this to just three things!!!  Living away from home this week has me noticing so much randomness around me!

Dorm-Life...As I said this week I have been teaching my usual summer course at my alma mater.  Just being an instructor in the place I spent 4 years learning is a trip in itself but this week I added the fabulous trip in time by staying in the dorms!!
That's right my friends!  I am staying in the dorm building that I lived in for 2 years!!  They are small apartments but still!  I keep waiting to see my roommates come through the door! While it's a pain to be without many a way to cook...the price is certainly right and there could be worse places to stay!

Say what?...The people that are in the course I am teaching range in age from early 20s to older than me.  As if visiting the campus fitness center didn't make me feel old enough...seriously I could be their mom...I made a reference to the movie "Can't Buy Me Love" when I saw a kid mowing the quad on a similar mower from the movie.
Yeah....crickets!  The girls had never heard of the movie!!!  They know Patrick Demsey from his McSteamy role but as the awkward guy who cut the pretty girl's lawn and paid her to date him...not so much!  I told them to go home and rent the video further making me look like the crazy old lady!!  Seen it? 

August...the perpetual Sunday...We were discussing at the beach the other day (I have a lot of teacher friends) about how if the summer is the weekend then August is definitely Sunday.  June would be Friday since we are in school for most of it...July is Saturday since it is just all fun...but August is Sunday...that day when you are free but you know what is waiting for you just the next day.
In August I have to start thinking about school...back to school ads are EVERYWHERE...I start to get the urge to buy school supplies...and I feel like every day is a rush to squeeze every bit out of it in order to do ALL THE THINGS on our bucket list!!  I feel like it is the daily quest to push the pit in my stomach down and rock the summer!  Do you dread August?

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