Friday, August 28, 2015

Back-to-School...A Teacher's View

All over the social media you see images of moms celebrating their children going back to school.  Whether it is because they are getting back their freedom for a few hours or they are not having to do the child care juggle any more, moms are happy to see their kids return to school.
It looks a little different in my house....more like this...

Don't get me wrong, I love the summer for all things beachy and fun.  Also I honestly do love my job.  I know it is rare to find something you love to do, and teaching is that for me...minus all the paperwork!  However, it is what the school year means for my girls that makes me not want to go back...that is putting a pit in my stomach as the calendar days tick away.

The school year for my girls means they have to remember to share their girls are 100% my loves but during the school year they share me with the 80 other students I have...who I try to find the ways that make them unique...who I try to push and help them reach their potential I can see inside them...who's burdens I take home with me no matter how hard I try!

The school year means that my girls have to share me with other a professional development provider also in my district, I spend Monday nights helping teachers find the unique ways to reach their second language learners inside their classroom.  It also means that I am prepping and planning during the week.  As much as I try to keep this to the school is hard.

I would say for me the fact that my girls need to share me during the school year is where my pit is coming from.  Before having my own kids I would mourn the end of the summer but look forward to pouring myself into my class.  Now I want to pour myself into my kids....but also be a good teacher.  It's a dance that I will continue to try to perfect as the years go by.  Until then I will continue to soak in these last days of summer with these two loves not having to share!


  1. Well said! I'm with you. I do love what I do. It's slightly easier now that both of mine are in school but I still feel torn. Here's to a successful scho year to the both of us as we do our best to balance our professional and kids while training for some epic races!!!!

  2. So tough! And it looks like you and the girls have had an amazing summer together!

  3. The sharing would be hard! My daughter doesn't like to share me with her brother I couldn't imagine how it would be with so many other kids in the mix. I am grateful for all the wonderful and amazing teachers my kids have had so far in school.

  4. Well written! Best of luck with back to school. Your girls and students are so lucky to have you! And they aRe grtting ao big! Adorable!

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