Thursday, August 27, 2015

Family Time

This past week we packed our bags and headed north to one of our favorite places, Jackson, New Hampshire.
Hubs and I have been coming here since our first anniversary, and he has been coming even longer with his family.  Last year we brought the whole crew and this year we were back for another family vacation to hit up Storyland and Santa's Village.  With half the house and our Cinderella crowns packed we headed north for 4 days of fun!

First let me do the mom thing and overshare a few of my favorite pics of the time away!

Getting a toddler to look at the camera just as you are taking the picture may be harder than establishing world peace but thanks to a quick shutter I think I got it!

The trip was one that we have been looking forward to all summer and honestly was just what we needed.  Was it all rainbows and we have two girls who get tired of each other...but getting away and having those shared experiences together has given us lasting memories!  We rode all the rides...swam in the pool well past bedtime...explored falls...and said yes far more than no!  We were certainly sad to see the week come to an end!

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