Friday, January 12, 2018

Fitness Friday...What You Tell Yourself

I will fully admit that I am my own worst enemy.  If others around me talked to me like I talk to myself....well let's just say we would no longer be friends. 

I am hard on myself in all aspects of my life (especially lately when all the wheels are falling off the Fancy bus almost daily) but especially hard on myself when it comes to fitness and weight loss.  It is almost as if I choose to accept myself the way that I am now, I almost fear the weight won't come off! 

My goal for my girls, and my son too, is for them to love themselves.  I am always aware how I am talking to them about being healthy...about trying their best...about being proud of themselves. 
However I do not extend the same grace to myself.  When it comes to fitness and weight loss journeys, it is so crucial that you believe in yourself.  That you know that at the end of each day you tried your best and that was enough! 

I really noticed this yesterday out on my runch with a coworker/friend of mine.  The miles flew by and I felt awesome about it when we got back to school.  Yes I was a hot sweaty mess but I felt really positive about the run.
Just a few days before...same route...but solo.  I let so many negative thoughts in about me as a runner and frankly the run stunk!  I stopped a bunch of times to walk and felt discouraged about my progress.  Positive talk and positive people around you can make such a difference!  This weekend I think I am going to start compiling sayings and images for a vision board for next to my treadmill.  A board of positive things to look at when the negative creeps in! 
Be your biggest cheerleader!!!  You can do this!!

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