Thursday, January 18, 2018


Holy moly it's Thursday!  There is something about a short feels like it is dragging along until BAM it's almost over!!  Here's some randoms for your reading enjoyment!

Across the miles...My BRF Jill and I have been running together for 9 years.  We started running together after I had our oldest lady.  We ran my first post-baby race together in a local 5k.  I didn't know Jill as well then but it was meant to be...even when she told me to push harder because I didn't feel like I was going to puke yet!!  We have run countless miles and races together since then (fun fact is that she has been by my side for all my "first post-baby" races and will be there in June for Newport)!  It was much easier to meet up and run when we lived close to each other, but now I'm on the Cape and she's jamming out north of Boston.  This past weekend we came up with a plan to encourage each other to get moving without actually being together.

We told each other our goals and have been texting each other to make sure we follow through!  I know that if I get that text and am sitting on the couch or pushing snooze, then she'll know (she knows everything!)  I love it!!!

Oh my Chip Gaines...Like I needed another reason to love the Gaines, now Chip is running a marathon! 

If you follow him on Instagram you will get a few laughs as he embarks on the journey of 26.2!  He has a good sense of humor about the pain of it all!  He's getting his inspiration and advice from accomplished runner and cancer warrior Gabe Grunewald.

I'm excited to follow this journey especially since they are adding to their already big crew along the way!!

Operation Hydration...One healthy habit that I started many years ago that has stuck more than anything with me is making sure I am drinking enough water.  My husband carries a gallon of water around with him all day, so when we started dating I took a page from his book and decided that hydration was something I could do!  If you see me at the beach...pretty much anywhere I have water with me! 
The lineup plus my morning shake!
My students notice even when I don't have my water with me...and often times ask me if I forgot it somewhere (which is always a possibility).  Doctors recommend that you drink at least half your body weight in good ole H2O so get chugging!  You will feel so much better I promise!!!...once you are done with your 18th trip to the potty!!

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