Thursday, January 11, 2018


Ahhhh!  It's Thursday!  It's been so long since I have been able to dish randomness your way!!  I am working off very little sleep so really random is the name of the game today! 

Foot funk...Our oldest daughter...our beautiful girl...has the stinkiest feet I have ever smelled!  Seriously she kills her shoes! 

I have tried washing her sneakers and Uggs...using Lysol...shoe spray...nothing takes the smell away!  Part of the problem is that she is not a fan of socks...I feel her pain...but usually the socks can trap the smell!  Yesterday she had on a pair of Sketchers and they just about killed everyone in the house!  I thought we were waving the white flag on the shoes until I caught a faint smell this morning...yup she had the shoes on for school today!!  These are so bad that I honestly contemplated dropping the girls off and going back home to get her different shoes (we live about 30 minutes one way from school)!!  No can do but I have been praying all day that no one smells them!!!  Any suggestions for getting rid of really tough foot smell???

Winter in New England...The weather here lately has been...well very typical of weather in New England!  The last few weeks have been dangerously below don't leave the house with any exposed skin or it will certainly chip off your body!  Today and tomorrow however it is above 40!!!  I was so excited getting out the door for school not wearing a jacket and all the other accessories that I needed last week!  It's a heat wave!!
Hang tight thought because I'm sure it will change soon.  After all it is only January!

Sleep precious sleep...Our two girls were sleep champions.  They slept through the night after just 4 months and really haven't given us an issue to speak of since as long as they are healthy.  Next comes the little man.  Right on cue at about 3 months he was sleeping some big chunks.  I thought he was following in his sisters' footsteps and would be a great sleeper too!  I thought I had dodged the bullet that so many moms talk about....until I didn't!  I love the little man but he is up at least once if not twice in the middle of the night.  He eats and is back to sleep but sometimes I have a hard time falling asleep!  A few nights ago I figured I would stay up and do 4 loads of laundry!  The downfall is that I am ALWAYS tired...and so is my husband who helps but making the bottle.  It's tricky because we should let him cry it out but he is in the room with his sister who has to go to school the next day. 
I am ready to go crazy!  I am missing my morning workouts because I am barely falling back to sleep when my alarm is ready to go off at 4.  I am dragging through my night workouts (or missing them completely because I fall asleep) because I am so tired!!!!!  I am thinking that I just need to stay up after his last feeding and workout then...even if it's 3am!  I know it sounds crazy but I feel like I am at that point.  I'm not losing weight...I'm not getting in super workouts...I'm not sleeping...yeah recipe for a crazy mother runner!  Do any of you have any suggestions???  Anyone else struggle with this???

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