Sunday, August 23, 2009

New England Summer: 1 Crazy Runner: 0

Today I waited to go out on my long run because my really fabulous running partner was coming back from some time away. I had to wait for her because she is who gets me through these long runs! She's awesome and a great friend! Either way we waited until 10:30 to go out and do 11 miles. Well that we found out is a no no in New England. It was about 86 degrees. Now that doesn't seem like much if you live in Arizona but here in New England 86 degrees is accompanied by what felt like 100% humidity! It was as if we were running through water! Now my lovely running buddy Jill was fine to do the full distance but by about mile 4 I was all set! I began fantasizing about taking a tourist down and stealing their water. Either that or diving straight into the ocean! We only completed 6 of our planned 11 miles.

Now I am wicked (can you hear my Boston come out?) nervous that I am going to bonk in the 1/2 too! Does anyone have any suggestions on how to make up for lost mileage? On my schedule I was only down for 10 miles so I missed 4 but how can I make up for this. Should I do a long run some time this week or just continue with my regularly scheduled runs? I can't wait for Fall!!

Thanks Jill for being such an understanding running buddy! I owe you big time!


  1. Don't try to make it up - just pick up on the schedule where you left off. Good luck and have fun!!

  2. I agree with Charisa, but I would also try a double run day...low mileage however, maybe 5 and 5 split. According to my "running coach", wait at least 4 hours before running the second time AND don't make it a speed work out!

  3. I am going to try to run the Wicked 1/2 but I am TREMENDOUSLY behind in the training schedule. At this point I will be happy just to finish the race at all, even with walking! It will be fun to see you there on race day. You might need to wait a long time for me to finish though! Good job on your diet and running - I am getting inspired!

  4. Yay Val! I'm so glad you are doing it too! Any time you want to run let me know! You will do great and I will wait as long as it takes at the finish!!!