Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ok now what?

As I write this post I am watching the Kennedy funeral on TV. Growing up in Rhode Island and living now in Massachusetts, the Kennedy family has been a royal family of sorts. JFK was married in the church where my aunt was married and he spent many summers just next door in Newport. I can't help but feel so badly for this family that has experienced so much tragedy through the years. I look also at the young nieces, nephews, and grand nieces and nephews and wonder which ones will carry the name and continue Camelot. Some resemble the family that they could stand in as some historic figures! On a lighter note and really a hard transition, I finally found quinoa at Trader Joe's yesterday along with a lot of other ingredients that I have seen on other people's blogs like agave nectar and almond butter. I am left now with the question, "OK now what do I do with them?"

I took the babe out yesterday for a walk and to try out jogging with her a little. I have a jogging stroller but I need to dust it off and use it! I took her to one of my favorite places to run. It is 6 miles that winds along the coastline with Boston in the distance. I love it here! I used to live along this path and it was so nice to be able to wake up and run along this. My favorite is the cute old couples walking and sitting on the benches. The newest addition is the put in 1/4 mile markers so I tried to do running every other 1/4 mile to get Emma used to running. I kept thinking that she would get a bug in her eye or do I fix that? She loved it and kept waving to people as they walked by!

Today was supposed to be my 11 mile long but the weather had another idea. Even though I ran the Boston Marathon a few years ago in a Nor'easter I'm not so ready to do that again! For those of you not from New England a Nor'easter in April means cold temps and LOTS of wind and rain. I wore a shower cap over my hat!! I will admit though that I was happy to see the rain since my trainer KICK MY BUTT yesterday. Long run Sunday here I come!


  1. that sounds like a really pretty run!! You ran boston in that noreaster - wow, heard and saw pics of that one! Good luck on the long run tomorrow!

  2. Where in RI did you grow up? I am originally from RI too. I lived in North Smithfield and after college Smithfield before moving to NC.

  3. Quinoa is one of my favorites!