Friday, August 21, 2009

Ok so here I go!

OK so a million blog readings later I am making my own! I have my first 1/2 marathon in 4 weeks as a mom (I have run 2 others) and my body continues to hold on to those last 5 lbs. from my 8 month old. Two days ago I bought the book laying out the Eat-Clean diet and I am sold! It is very similar to how I eat now only better! My daughter eats only organic foods and I need to eat just as well as her! Isn’t it so true as moms that we always make sure everyone else is healthy before we make sure we are healthy? Well not me! I know that I will only be a better mom if I am healthy. SO here I am laying it all out. Bear with me while I figure this all out!

I would love anyone to help me out like how to customize my header and such!


  1. I love your header, I like it how it is ! There is a site cutestblogon the block where I customized a bit. Congrats on signing up for a 1/2! I am using super baby food for my little guy and it kind of goes along with the Eat-Clean diet. I just bought the family + Kids book and the cookbook. I look forward to reading about how you do!

  2. Thanks for the pointers Natalie! I use the Super Baby Food book too! Some of the stuff I am not sure about like yogurt and such but I do love the book! Congrats to you on running Boston! I ran it 2 years ago and LOVED it!

  3. welcome to the blog world :) looks like you've got a great start to "setting up shop" already! i keep saying i will start (really) eating healthy but... continue to slack. look forward to reading about the healthy eats & training!

  4. Good book? I will have to go check that one out on amazon. ALWAYS scrounging around for new, healthy, good-tasting recipes.

    Good luck with your training!