Monday, September 27, 2010

1 Victory for the Potty!

Well tonight was a big night at the Fancy Nancy house...Little Miss Emma went pee in the potty! Yes you heard it here first...well after we called Daddy, Grammy, and Grammy to spread the news!

The other day she got into the bath and stood there and said, "Gotta go!" Well me not being in tune with the potty lingo I hesitate
d only to watch her go in the tub....Ugh so close! I thanked her for letting me know and while we were waiting for the HUGE tub to drain and fill up again, we practiced sitting on the potty. She had a huge smile across her face!! Well today we were proactive and sat on the potty before the bath...and BINGO! We jumped up and down and clapped and cheered like we had just won a marathon! She screamed "Yay Emma!" while I tearfully told her how proud I was.

It is's the beginning of her going on to being a big girl and I'm not so certain I'm ready for that. I'm so sure she's
not waiting for me though! If she's anything like I was she'll be teaching herself to do things years before she will learn them in school! She's says her ABCs and counts the stairs as she goes up...and she is just starting to look like a big girl! Those moments when things were hard and sleep was hard to come by I made a conscious effort not to say, "I can't wait until..." because I can wait. I can wait while I soak in each and every milestone and moment I can. I LOVE being a Mom and I just thank God for allowing me to be her Mom! Now if He could just freeze time a little so I can soak it in a little more!

Showing off her teeth...I mean how can you not smile!?

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