Thursday, September 9, 2010

Three Things Thursday

Today I ventured out to follow the half marathon route for the race. I had my map in hand and was good to go. I was also choosing to ignore the giant rain clouds that were looming! This run led me to today's 3 things...

1. If you are going to plan on following a race map, yo
u might want to make sure you can read the map and know roughly where the heck you are going. Picture this...lost girl on corner squinting at map who then has to ask the moms waiting for their kids at a bus stop where the heck she is!!! They helped and I was able to run at least half of the route. The other half I made up!

2. Those with vivid imaginations should NEVER NEVER NEVER run on rail trails. I turned my music off and paid very close attentio
n to the woods. I was convinced someone was waiting there for me to abduct me! Needless to say I will not be doing that again alone. Harwich is a very quiet and safe town but my mind is just too crazy! This leads me to #3...

3. I run faster when I am A) scared and B) lost as all heck. I kept a good pace the whole time and averaged a 8:30 min pace...which leads me to the question of the day...

Is it a PR when it doesn't happen during a race?

Today I officially got the monkey off my back and broke my 2 hour goal!!! I was dancing around on the corner looking very silly...but hey they would dance too if they only knew! Good thing the superintendent walked out of her office a few minutes later or else she would be reconsidering her new hire who was doing the dance of joy outside the administration building! I leave you with the picture to prove it!

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  1. Doesn't it feel so awesome to reach a goal! Good job getting in your work in under 2 hours :)