Tuesday, September 21, 2010

SQUEEZE....Trying to Fit it All

Well I was off the internet for a bit because we just got it all set up in our new house this weekend. Although I was going a little batty with all the quiet of the house, I was able to get some reading done! It's amazing how much time I spent watching TV! However, Glee is back today so all bets are off!!

This week and last I have been pretty discouraging for running. I am putting up great times but I am having a lot of trouble fitting in the miles. I am currently down here by myself during the week so I have to bring Em with me on all my runs. Poor girl has been going through a lot of change and has been a little difficult sitting for long. Last week I got in 25 and I'm hoping to get in the same this week. I am just getting nervous for the half marathon next weekend and even more for weight loss. I had done such a great job this summer getting down to my "wedding weight" and I'm nervous to go back!

Any suggestions for how to fit it all in? Please busy moms....help!

I know that once my hubby joins me here it will be a little easier. I'll be able to join a gym and get in runs when he gets home at times but I don't want to waste these few weeks!

On a happy note, Em and I are having fun exploring our new home! We found a great library and two new parks, one of which is just over 2 miles away which means we can run there! She has adjusted great to her new home daycare which makes me SOOOOO happy! We are trying to get acclimated during the week and have fun family time on the weekends!

Well I'm off to watch the rest of Glee!

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  1. Hope that you are able to find a way to work it all in. I don't have a little one at home, but I know it can get overwhelming finding the time for everything. You can do it!