Thursday, September 23, 2010

Three Things Thursday

I have decided to write about three things that I have figured out this week about my new life here...some good and some downright annoying!

1. People here drive SO. FRIGGIN. SLOW!!! I mean I have about a half hour to go pick up Em from daycare and it has never failed that I get stuck behind someone that has decided that it's ok to drive 45mph in the outside lane on the highway....45??? Here is a hint...MOVE OVER! It is something I don't understand but every time I tell someone about it that is from here they giggle and say, "You're not in the city anymore. You'll get used to it." I'm not sure I'll get used to this one!

2. Being crunched for time makes me faster. Today I was able to get in some speed work and hills because my mother-in-law offered to watch Em. It was so much faster than if I was pushing 30lbs extra! These past few runs have given me more confidence about my running which I hope will help me next weekend in my half...PR please!

3. Being organized will save a motherload of time in the morning! I have tried to get everything set to go before I go to bed at night. I am able to fit in a 20 minute workout, shower, and get Em ready in about an hour. It takes a little time at night but it is so worth it!

I hope you all enjoy your Thursday night....Grey's is back!!!


  1. I am such a planner! It is so much easier to plan out my clothes for work a week in advance, make my lunches the night before, and map out when I will run the weekend before. I waver very little. It saves time--and brain power! I think it is a teacher thing--always prepared for anything!

  2. #3 - i wish i was better at!
    #2 - no kidding! this morning i woke up at 9:22 and was like HOLY CRAP i have a 9:45 doctors appointment. brush teeth, get dressed and out the door. barely made it on time lol.