Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Day 1 down...180 to go!

Today was the first day of school with kids...however I was holed up in my office so I rarely saw any. I spent the second day in a row with my assistant trying to carve out a schedule so that I can spend the rest of my week at the middle and high school. It takes a lot of listening and digesting when you go to a new district, especially one so different. To explain things, I taught ELL (English Language Learners) students in a inner city school for 9 years. Because it was such a HUGE population of ELL students it was like a pretty well oiled machine. Now I am doing the same in a very quiet, affluent town where I am needing to invent the machine! There is a MUCH smaller number of kids just a lot of different thinking (to be politically correct). Once I get my schedule down I will be able to think!

Today was very frustrating for me and my poor, loving hubby caught the brunt of it! Sorry babe! I am in a new home, new people everywhere, no family here, and no clue where I am. I am trying to keep a positive outlook but today's day went long until 4:30 and I just felt so overwhelmed! I am desperately searching for a daycare for Emma so she can be here. My heart breaks not being able to be with her!

I was going to try to get in my long run this week today since we are hopefully moving most of my stuff this weekend but I was a mess after school. Tomorrow HAS to be the day! The good part is that I will get out early and my next half is in the same town. I am looking forward to running the route and seeing more of the town besides the schools! The only downfall is that Miss Jill will not be with me. Maybe I can pin her pic on my shirt!

I am thinking positively that tomorrow will be a GREAT day!!!


  1. I'm sorry you had a frustrating day at work. Remember that it's always a bit of a transition at the beginning of the year especially getting used to a new school!

    I was just reading your previous post and it's so funny you are teaching in Harwich. That's where I got married over the summer. It must be a tiny town since I think a lot of people are summer residents! My husband and I sometimes talk about moving to the Cape because we love it so much, but I think it's mainly because it's our vacation spot that we love it so much.

  2. Moving is soooo hard. Even after all the boxes are unpacked. Hang in there & congrats on your new adventure!