Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Time to Smell the Fall!

This evening I got some disturbing news about a childhood friend of mine. She had just celebrated her 5th wedding anniversary which is something I know from Facebook but also because the last time I saw her was at a bridal shower that we attended together 6 years ago. Over the summer I had come across a picture from kindergarten that we were both in...she was dressed as a pig and I was a flower.

Well she is now fighting for her life after a brain hemorrhage. Wow! Just like that her life and the life of all those who love her has changed forever. It really made me think about my post yesterday about stressing about fitting in miles and worrying about a few pounds that have made there way back onto my waist. I know it is so cliche but we are only blessed with a certain amount of time here and it is really how we spend it that counts. I have been saying this for years but I really need to streamline my life so that my actions reflect the desires of my heart. I want my life to show how much I love my family and the Lord. I know I need to make decisions to make each day full of life and not just full of stuff! The pounds will come and go (hopefully go more than come) and the miles will be run...but Em is only 1 for a few more months and the Fall is here for a short time so let's through the leaves...breathe in the air...and live!

Oh and I had an extra cookie today....just cuz!


  1. time eventually takes all of us - it is up to us to live bravely with this knowledge

  2. Thanks for posting this - we all need to be reminded of it every once in a while. Sending positive thoughts and prayers to your friend.

  3. I wish I lived that way too! It's good to be re-grounded but I wish I would always remember. Hoping for a full and speedy recovery for your friend!