Thursday, July 7, 2011

Three Things Thursday-Race Day

Hi there!!!  I have been tying up loose ends before the race today so here are my three things!  Enjoy!

1.  Nervous Nelly-This is the first time I have been nervous for a race before I even got there!  I am not quite sure why the heck I am so nervous but I can feel it in my stomach.  I've done the work so what is my deal?  I want to try to place in my age group.....ugh so nervous!

2.  Could it be any hotter?-I'm sure it could and if I was living down south then well yeah it is way hotter.  I think that maybe one of the things making me nervous is that I haven't raced in this kind of heat in a long while.  What if I just suck?!  I've run the course a few times and there are two killer hills so I am hoping I can keep the pace in this heat!

3.  Here comes the sun!- OK so on the bright side Em is running in the kids race!  I modified her tutu from the race when we were Team Blue and added in sparkly red.  It looks so cute!  She is so excited to run in her very own "Big Race" and she's been talking about it since she woke up today!  The only way I could get her to nap is because she wanted to be rested for her "Big Race"

At the end of the day it will be fun to see Em run her race and be together as a family!  But if you could wish me luck and send up a prayer for quick legs that would be great too!!!


  1. SO EXCITING! Let us know how you do! :)

  2. prayers being sent....Good Luck!

  3. You will do GREAT!!! Those nerves are just doing their thing. Just tell them to knock it off because you you are ready to ROCK this race!

    Seriously! I love to sweat but holy smokes the heat is a killer.

    SO fun that your little girl will be running too. Precious.


  4. Trust in your training and GOOD LUCK! I love that Em is so excited to run!