Thursday, July 21, 2011

Three Things Thursday

I'm squeezing this in while Jake and the Pirates find a golden egg so it will be short and sweet! 

1.  Who me? I was so overjoyed and flattered when Jodi over at Run Jodi Run contacted me and asked me to be her Thumbs Up Thursday person!!!  It was so fun answering the questions and a very cool feeling to think that others could be inspired by me!  Head on over there and visit her blog.  She's awesome and clearly spreading the love!!

2.  Hello heat wave!!!  Well I guess we moved to Cape Cod just in time!  Looking at the weather map this morning, the entire state was on an extreme heat watch EXCEPT the Cape!  Now mind you it is still going to hit 90 degrees but it won't be over 100 degrees like the rest of Massachusetts!  Either way I switched things around and did my long run yesterday.  It was great and I am very thankful to have it done!  This morning I was on the mill and probably will be for the rest of the week since I'm not so into heat stroke!  How do you beat the heat when the mercury rises like crazy?

3.  Dangle that carrot!  I am looking at some races this Fall to sign up for.  I think that this will help me to focus my training and give me that motivation to get out there when I would rather stay in bed!  I am looking at a few half marathons to do....some old and some new!  I am hoping to break 1:50 this year so I better buddy up to speed work!  Again, you never know unless you try!  What about you you need a race to train for to get you motivated for you need that danging carrot?

Well I hope you all find a way to stay cool today!!!  We're off to the beach....what else is new!


  1. Definitely need a race....How about the Cape Cod Half? (we are thinking about running it:)

  2. Man, I want to move to Cape Cod!
    I have to run in the early mornings because I HATE running in the heat. It's just yucky.
    Having a race to train for really seems to help get me out the door in the early morning hours. Of course, the fact that I love to eat and don't want to gain 30 lbs also helps!

  3. Hey girl! Well, heat has not come to the pacific northwest yet. WE are still here in cool, cloudy and comfortable weather...have not had a HOT summer in two years now. So weird. But when it does get really hot, it is a bummer because we don't have AC. But today is an outside day wearing jeans and a long sleeve shirt. I don't always need a race. It is nice to just run.

  4. really wanted to say sorry I don't comment too often, I stop by but just have a really hard time reading hte pink text, maybe I'm color blind not sure.

    beating the heat is pretty much impossible in miami, so I play mental games like if I run before the sun comes up it feels nicer (it doesn't that's a lie, but if I believe it that's ok!!)

  5. I always need a race - I wish I didn't, but I'm still lazy at heart I guess :)

  6. I've been pretty much treadmill-ridden this summer with the exception of races that are early enough in the morning to mostly avoid the heat. It's not as bad as I remember... yet... lol!

  7. I love Cape Cod!! It is so pretty there. We had the best Lobster and Clam Chowder at The Black Cat!! Mmmmm. i miss it! Yes, I need to sign up for a race to get motivated. Isn't that sad? I've been thinking I need to sign up for a half marathon soon, so I will stay motivated to run through the colder weather that will be approaching this fall!