Friday, September 21, 2012

Fitness Friday...Being Unapologetically Strong

There are moments in my life when I feel physically strong...crossing a finish line, finishing a hard workout and being left with that rubbery feeling, hitting my doorstep after a long run.  There are also moments when I feel emotionally strong...going through a trial and coming out the other end, putting on a brave face while watching my daughter struggle with something, seeing a loved one go through a trial you wish you could shoulder yourself.  My Degree Women "Unapologetically Strong" story began when these two met...I was physically AND emotionally strong!!
I can remember the night was New Year's Day (midnight to be exact) 2009 and I was nursing my brand new baby girl with tears streaming down my face.  Not only was I in the worst shape I had been in my entire life, but I was also dealing with post-partum depression that lay across my shoulders like a wool blanket.  I was struggling to get past my dreams and expectations for what these moments were supposed to be like, and embrace the reality that lay ahead of me.  Looking down at my daughter's face that night, I knew what I needed to do...and what she needed me to do.  I needed to be fill the role I had been given and be the example to my daughter of what strong looks like!
The next year was not empty of trials, but I held tight to my goals and became the example for my daughter!  I shed 70lbs and triumphantly crossed the finish lines of races setting prs each time...I believed in my dreams, pushed through the walls, and felt stronger than ever!!!
Degree Women and Erin Andrews are Unapologetically Strong....check it out!  After watching be sure to head on over to Degree Women's Facebook Page and join in on their contest and share your very own Unapologetically Strong story!!
I participated in this campaign as a member of One2One Network, I received product, and am eligible for a prize drawing. All opinions stated in the post are my own.


  1. You are awesome!! Proof that we can do anything we put our minds to. I love that shirt! It's so true - our kids ARE watching everything we do. Let's be the best examples we can be!

  2. I love "unapologetically strong". It just sounds so cool and kind of liberating. Is that weird :)

    Your timing is perfect. My current deodorant doesn't seem to work anymore. Seriously? I'm going to try Degree.

  3. Feeling physically strong is wonderful but what I'm most proud of is feeling emotionally strong. And I've learned that it isn't something you are born with. You have to work at it, be confident in yourself and have faith that everything will be okay.Congrats on your weight loss.:)

    1. I totally agree Kristen! Building that confidence and that emotional strength takes time...and unfortunately trials. However once are unstoppable!

  4. Yes yes yes! We are strong because of our kids for sure - they are watching and taking it all in. Great post, strong mama!

  5. One of the great things running has brought me has been emotional strength and boy wass it tested this summer. It has taken a while but when it finally clicks that you have defeated the trials the confidence is immesurable! You are such a cool mom! I want to be like you when I grow up! :)

  6. I love this. You are setting an amazing example for your kids. I'm hoping my kids are watching me, too. My daughter has definitely gotten into sports through my encouragement (and even run 2 5ks) but my son is still very content to be sedentary.

  7. an awesomely motivating post...

    What a perfect symbol of health and strength! thanks for the post!!!!

  8. What an amazing post. That's who I want to be my for my kids. :)
    Hey, I'm hosting a running blog hop at I'd love to link up to your blog! Check it out. :)
    L Finch

  9. Lovely :) thanks ! and well done... keep on keeping on :)

  10. Very inspiring. Nice job being such a great example. :)