Sunday, September 30, 2012

Menu Planning...What's For Dinner?

Today I'm linking up with Jill from Fitness, Health, and Happiness and Laura from Mommy, Run Faster starting this week.  With all the craziness of life (not just the fact that we're adding another member to the family but just the working mom part) I can not get through my week smoothly if I don't plan out meals ahead of time.  It helps keep healthy meals on our table as well as keeps my grocery bill in check.  I go in with a plan and don't come out with a lot of extras...especially if I go alone!

This challenge will last from today, September 30 until October 31. Every Sunday morning Mommy Run Fast and Fitness, Health and Happiness, will share their meal plans for the week, including recipe links and/or a new recipe. This challenge comes at a great time to make sure I am doing that even with a new little one around! 

Here is what the week is looking like in Fancy Nancy Land!! (I've included recipe links where I can)
Breakfast (Monday-Saturday) 
Green Monster Protein Smoothie (quick and easy and I can drink it while I drive to work)
Lunch (Monday-Friday)  
Rachel Ray Italian Chicken Noodle Soup...I make a big pot of it on Sunday and have it for the yummy!!
Monday: Man-Pleasing Chicken with roasted asparagus
Tuesday: Taco Salads (with ground chicken and guac)
Wednesday: Chicken and broccoli in the crock pot (It's swim lesson day so I try to use the crock pot each Wednesday so dinner is done when we get home!)
Thursday: out...we go to my in laws each Thursday for dinner
Friday: Leftovers...I know very exciting!!  I always feel like I need at least one day for this to clear out the fridge!
Saturday: Make your own pizza night....the hubs is working a body building show so Em and I have a date day.  I wanted to have a special day with just her and I before the baby comes...park, manis, her favorite food, and a movie!

What's for dinner at your house this week???
Any great recipes you've tried out lately?


  1. What a perfectly timed post! I'm so NOT into cooking and so that results in lots of the same-ole-same-ole. I'm pretty sure my husband is going on strike if I conjure up one more pasta related dinner.....

  2. Sound like a great plan. I especially love Saturday! I usually put the crock pot out on Saturday, as I am in and out running errands and so I make a big pot of whatever for the week. I think planning is not only great for the budget and for time, but it's more healthy too!

  3. Hi, I'm visiting from What's for Dinner link up. :) Great line up of meals, I too like to use my crock pot for busy days! :)

  4. I always plan at least one leftovers night, too... I don't like anything going to waste! Your pizza date night sounds so fun!

  5. Great menu Nancy! I drink my GMS on my way to work too. We love MYO Pizza night.

    Last week I tried a veggie southwest soup that is awesome!

    Thanks for the challenge support and linking up :)

  6. Man pleasing chicken sounds funny! The week looks good!

  7. I bookmarked the man pleasing chicken recipe to try later. Thanks!