Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Try it Out Tuesday...Zipfizz Review

I was psyched when the people at Zipfizz asked me if I wanted to try out their product.  Ummm extra energy for just 10 calories...Yes Please!!  If you've never heard of Zipfizz, check out these stats from their website...

Zipfizz is an all-natural, great tasting energy drink-mix powder
that delivers a powerful charge of micronutrients to the body's fuel
system. It contains no ephedra or other artificial stimulants. Most
people experience an immediate, revitalizing burst of energy after
taking Zipfizz.
Zipfizz is healthy energy in a tube! Give your body a rush of
vitamins, minerals and key amino acids to protect the immune
system. Zipfizz has created an advanced formula that provides a significant amount of vitamins, fewer calories, lower carbohydrates,
superior taste, variety and unique packaging! Simply put, it's
different because
it's good for you!
Fancy Nancy gives it a
My favorites were grape and pink lemonade...yum-o!!  It was just the right pick-me-up I needed when the afternoon snoozes started to hit...you know that time in the day when I just wanted to put my head down instead of workout or chase Em around the yard!!!  They come in packs of 20 tubes or you can get a sampler pack and find which one you would like to stock up on!!
Go get your rear in gear and check them out!!! 
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What flavor would you love to try?


  1. i heard about this! sounds like a fun way to fancy up your drink :)

  2. I always see ZipFizz at Costco when I go shopping, but I've never tried it. Perhaps I need to put a box in my cart next time I go! :)

  3. I love the grape and the orange soda, I just cant get used to the citrus flavor, too weird. Love the energy from them!

  4. I love ZipFIzz and have bought a ton more since I did my review and giveaway. Love orange soda!

  5. Sounds like exactly what I need before my Monday morning double-fitness-class-header! Thanks for the review, Nancy!

  6. You can never go wrong with orange... i think it is a universal flavor that tastes good in liquid form. Great share and love your 2-thumbs up photo. LOL.

  7. I've always been a grape guy when it comes to any food!

  8. This is the first time I've heard of ZipFizz so I'm very curious what they're like. Grape soda sounds fun but I'm always a fan of Pink Lemonade.

  9. I loved the orange. I haven't used that for a long time. One of the first times I tried that I took it before a 530pm Spin class and I can say I had way to much energy at 9pm that night! Haha!