Thursday, September 13, 2012

That's My Jam!!

Power songs....we all have them on our playlists.  You know those songs that give you that extra kick to get you through that last mile or tough stretch.  Well I'm reaching out to you for a secret mission that I have been given.  I could tell you about it but then.....well no I wouldn't have to kill you but it would just ruin a surprise!

For this mission I'm looking for either what is you go to, get your rear in gear, badass feeling song that you love to hear at just the right time, or a summer/beach themed song that just puts you in an awesome mood.  Two different types of songs I know....I recognize that I sound a little nuts but hey aren't we all?!

Let me lead by example....Here are some summer/beachy songs that always put me in a good mood.

I always find myself singing this one at the top of my lungs....
This one is just fun!
Another fun one for the country fans!
I mean really what beach mix would be complete without a little Will Smith and some Summertime from way back!?

Pick up that pace and start fist pumping!!

So your turn!  
What jams would you add that are either beach/summer themed or a sure fire way to pick up your pace???  


  1. This will sound random but Wavin' Flag by K'naan always gets me going. It is the song from the 2010 soccer World Cup, I think. Great beat and I love it for some reason.

    Also love Raise Your Glass by Pink. I remember that being on my playlist when I was marathon training and it always gave me so much energy.

    I can't think of any good beach/summer themed songs right now! I'll be watching the replies, though, and might have to steal some for my next playlist. :)

  2. That is a good mix of songs. I'm a big fan of rock anthems and hip hop. I can't do country, but everyone has their own thing. Great list!

  3. Love finding new songs for my play list, thanks for these!!

  4. I like... Call Me Maybe... by Carly Rae Jepsen, Freak the Freak Out... by Victoria Justice, Naturally by Selena Gomez, Starships... by Nicki Minaj, as far as Beach Songs... I'm Yours... by Jason Maraz, Hey Soul Sister... and 50 Ways to Say Goodbye... by Train... i actually like SO many :) I think we live our lives by 'makes' moments !

  5. i love these completely random songs that wouldn't normally be found together. all goodies!

  6. so I have 2 power songs that have been on my playlist for a year (but they are embarrassing so I'll stick to the ones that I added this summer)
    Of Monsters & Men- "Little Talks"
    Grouplove- "Tongue tied"
    Imagine Dragons- "It's time"
    Flo Rida - "whistle" <---- even though the lyrics are 'hidden dirty' i just love the beat of this song.