Tuesday, November 13, 2012

1 month...We Made It!!

I can not believe that 1 month ago....they let us take her home...
Time is traveling at such a rapid speed that I feel myself wanting to slam the breaks on but they aren't there!  I want to soak in every moment...sight...sound...smell(ok maybe not every smell...just the Dreft smell)...everything!  Through the sleepless nights and spit stained clothes I have learned so much in just 1 short month...
  • Breastfeeding is wonderful...just not wonderful for me and I am finally ok with that
  • My girls love their car seat...to keep their acid reflux at bay
  • Even the heaviest sleeper (me) can be woken by the slightest coo
  • Family and friends are priceless...so let them help
  • Sleep is overrated!
  • Burp early and often or you will wear it!
  • Get out of the house...breathe in the fresh air...and love life
  • It is ok to ask for help...those who love you will do anything!
  • Take every day as a gift
I can not believe that on Saturday we celebrated Aubrey's 1 month birthday!
Aubrey obviously didn't get the memo that Emma did about smiling! 

I am so thankful for this time....
for these amazing, beautiful, healthy girls....
 and for my family of four!


  1. SO beautiful, Nancy!!!! =) So glad to hear that the first month went well. I hear you with time moving so fast. I'm already putting away clothes that Ryan doesn't fit into. How can this be?? =(

  2. Beautiful. Love all the pics and glad to hear you are all doing very well!

  3. Such a sweet picture! congrats on making it a month. As you know, it will get easier from here, although it sounds like you are doing fantastic already! Good mama!

  4. Your girls are beautiful! Love the family pictures!

  5. You are so beautiful and so is your family! I love the pictures! I agree with everything you said especially accepting help and taking every day as a gift :)

  6. Beautiful family portrait!!!! Enjoy this time - it's so precious.

  7. YAY! We just made it to 4 weeks on Saturday, and I can't believe she's mine for keeps...

  8. Beautiful:) I can't believe it's been a month already!

  9. Happy 1 month to Aubrey--- time sure does fly :)

  10. AWWWWW she's so beautiful and Emma and Aubrey together just melt my heart :) I love the family portraits!!!!!! so nice!

  11. You are amazing mama. Such a blessing.