Friday, November 16, 2012

Fitness Friday...Treadmill Burn

I am certainly not a personal trainer...nor do I claim to be as good as one...but I'm pretty good at replicating classes and such that I have done in the past.  One class that I used to LOVE was called Burn.  You could take it either on the treadmill or the spin bike with a personal trainer in a group...basically it was an ass whooping in an hour!  You would alternate between the bike/mill and weights/resistance bands.  I have been trying to recreate the class in my basement while Aubrey is napping.  Now while it is not at it's not quite at ass whooping level right now, I am looking forward to ramping it up soon!

First I rigged up my treadmill so that I could easily move from mill to weights quickly.
Oh yeah...I hit 1000 miles on Wednesday!!! 
Then it was on!
5 min warm-up
5 min run
squats w/ bicep curl, step-ups w/ lateral raise, tricep kickbacks
10 min walk at 15 incline
chest press with band, squat row with band, push up on mill
10 min run (increase speed each minute)
squat jumps, plank push ups, tricep dips
10 min walk at 15 incline with hand weights (usually 3lbs)
lunges with front raise, hammer curls, dead lifts with reverse fly
5 min run (all out)
5 min cool down

Now note that I do not have a lot of exercises that involve my core/ab muscles in this.  This is due to the fact that I have not been cleared to really exercise and do not want to risk injury or complications from my c-section. 

I love that I get in 40 minutes of cardio in and am still doing weight training as well!  This always keeps my heart rate soaring!  Bonus is that I can earn lots of points for the HBBC which starts on Monday....DO NOT forget to sign up!!!


  1. Wow, great idea for a workout! Sounds intense. I just signed up for HBBC too... excited for another round of it!

  2. Great workout! I was just looking at HBBC, might have to do it :)

  3. Nice rigging and I am impressed considering how sick you are!

    1. I actually stop hacking when I'm running....go figure! Maybe I should just stay on the treadmill all day long!!

  4. Great workout and an even better use of time! Can't wait for HBBC 2012!

  5. that sounds like a great workout!!

  6. Awesome! Wish I had a treadmill at home:)

  7. Nice run and workout. I am not doing HBBC this year, I did it last year and never remembered to enter in my points, so I figured I wouldn't even bother to sign up this year, but good luck!

  8. My goodness that sounds tough! You are such an inspiration. I so wish I had a home treadmill. Oh well, perhaps I'll try something similar at the gym.

    Great job!

  9. Now that I can get back on the treadmill this is definitely a workout I am going to try!!!!