Friday, November 9, 2012

Why I Run...

I have run most of my train for an upcoming soccer shed a few pounds...because my friends keep those pounds from coming prove to myself and others that I COULD complete a marathon...but it wasn't until the past 3 years that I became a RUNNER.

At my daughter's first birthday party, I looked around at all those there supporting our the perfectly decorated table....the perfectly dressed birthday girl...the perfectly matching outfits that our family had on...the perfectly fitting skinny jeans I had busted my butt to get into by her first birthday...the perfectly created scene.  It was the kind of perfection that this type A girl craves...yet I was hiding under a was not perfect and the following year would prove that.  It was a road I had never expected to travel down, however through God's faithfulness I can write about it now with a new vision.  That year I also discovered something I will treasure...running as a healer....a comforter...a way to feel like me which was something I had lost!

I am a runner....I am a runner who will head out in sleet, snow, rain, sun, heat, and cold to chase that friend that meets me out friend the run!  I feel like me...I can be matter what the scale says or how crazy life gets, out on the run I AM ME!  There is just something about the rhythm of my feet pounding away that just lets the world fade away and I can just be!  I am able to talk with laugh...and to leave it all out there.  Just like this Asics ad...
Some days the run is hard...some days it flies by...some days I'm alone...some days I have friends with me...but what always remains is how I feel when I run!  As hookey as it sounds I LOVE to run!!

I run for the love of it...for the feeling after a speed workout...for all those who can't but wish they show my girls what a strong woman looks be proud of me...
Why do YOU run???

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  1. awesome post! SO motivating!

    I run for soooo many reasons, but only one thing matters-I am a runner!

  2. Aww that's crazy that you ran a marathon but weren't yet a runner :) that just seems crazy to me, but yes a lot of people do that. I LOVE being a runner. Although, I do find runners somewhat snobby ;) lol always pushing at the start line, elbowing in the pass, or that could just be my town ;P as I love all you online gals !

    I run to feel alive, to calm down, connect to something more and because I can. It gives me a self-esteem I never thought possible

  3. Great post Nancy!!! I run because the run makes me a better person. It is the only time I can "shut" off my brain and focus on the beauty that is life!

  4. Love this Nancy! So many people say I'm crazy but I love to run. Things NEVER said by Jill, "I regret this run." :)

  5. Not at all hookey - great post Nancy!