Thursday, November 8, 2012

Three Things Thursday

What in the heck??  It's Thursday again!!  I'm thinking that when your day begins around 2 am as your two children tag team you until you throw in the towel and just make an enormous pot of coffee, the days fly by!  Whatever it may be, I'm back for another 3 random things this week!!!  Enjoy!

1.  Hormones SUCK!...I would say sorry to the male readers thinking I was excluding them with this one but from watching my husband these past few weeks, it is painful for the men too!  There are days when I'm motivated and ready to face the world and days when I struggle to motivate myself out of my pjs!  I know this will all settle but until in the meantime I am steering clear of all sappy anything...or at least until my tear ducts dry up!!  Like what is up with the new Carter's commercial??  Are they trying to make me have an ugly cry??!
2.  Ouchie ouch!...This week I have been walking on the treadmill each day since the weather has me thinking I live in Seattle...which my sister reminded me that at least I have the sleepless part down!  Two days ago I decided to add in intervals and do some squats and such (I'm going easy I promise!).  Well ouchie ouch!!  My legs are a-hurtin!  How does this happen?  The day before I went in to have Aubrey I was doing squats and lunges like a champ!!  I do have to say's a good ouch!
3.  Cold weather gear...As the temps begin to drop, out comes the cold weather gear for runners! (PS my heart goes out to those who opened their door this morning and saw lots of white stuff!...that would just make me grouchy!).  Runner's World has 8 bottoms that keep you warm as you head out on the roads while everyone else is snuggled up in their jammies!
Last year I lucked out, as did most cold weather runners, in that it was very mild.  I used my Gap tights and made it through the winter.  This year I am looking into these options...since the weather has proved to be wacky lately!!  What tights do you use in the winter??

Thankfulness...I'm thankful today for my warm home and power.  I know so many are still struggling and with this latest storm are looking at snow outside their window.  My prayers are still with them and it is not lost on me that I have the ability to turn up my heat when the air is cold! 


  1. we had a lovely high of 70 yesterday and today it will be in the 40s, brr!! 28 when I went running this morning, I will have to check out Runners World List of tights as I am shopping for another pair this winter.

    Hormones do suck.

  2. Hope you get a nap today:) I don't really have a good excuse for still being in my PJ's:( I even dropped off my son at school in them:) Don't worry, I didn't get out of the car and nobody saw me;)

  3. I can't get over the East coast weather! I'm excited for your marathon! Did you choose one yet???

  4. I was just checking out that article on the tights - I'm going to need a new pair this winter for sure!

    The hormone roller coaster does suck -- hope you can at least steal a nap later.

  5. ah, hormones are so much fun for everyone ;).
    We are hitting the big change in the weather this weekend. No more mild autumn days. The cold is coming! I have a thin pair of tights that I layer under a pair of Gap tights. Sometimes I use compression socks to add another layer :). I should invest in a good pair of winter tights... but I am cheap.

  6. Oh the hormones! Tough roller coaster for sure. You'll get through it!

    I have a great pair of tights from Athleta that I bought last year--really warm and have a zipper pocket.

  7. Hey, those commercials are tough! Yes, there is a room full of people that decide "how can we make viewers ball their eyes out on the couch?" It's a fact.

  8. I am thankful for electricity too! I hear ya ;)

    I wear Nike winter running pants/tights that I found at them!

  9. It's been a while since my last visit to your site. I can totally relate when you talk about the kids! Even more I can relate to the whole hormone thing!!! My wife had a radical hysterectomy and was having all kinds of hormone issues. As a husband though you have to understand what your wife is going through.

  10. number one over here, Sister!!


  11. Sorry about the hormones being so dreadful :(

    I agree with Amy C-I've found several pairs of running tights that I love from TJ Maxx.

  12. I found some Old Navy capris on sale this week because we're expecting chilly weather in Texas soon. Sorry about the hormones!