Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A Year in the Making..Part 1

Don't be afraid of the part 1 of the title!  I'm not going to gush too much but I am going to revisit Aub's birthday on her actual birthday later this week.  I do want to share with you pictures of the party this past weekend.  I honestly love planning parties and this one was no different!  I often say that if only I had an unlimited budget I could be dangerous!!  Our theme was pumpkins and the colors were orange and bright pink!  The day went off without a hitch and from what I could tell it was just a great time of fun and fellowship celebrating our baby girl!  A lot of the crafts I did myself like the Happy Birthday banner, the picture banner, the tutu, favors, and the monogram sign.  The cake I can not take credit for!!  It was made by a friend of ours who is clearly very talented!!  If you live near the Cape contact her!!! 
Just had to get the cake and our dolly!
The big kids painted pumkins
The entry way...just love this!
The birthday girl!!
A great time with friends and family!
This cake not only looked amazing but it tasted great too!

Photo banner through the year, adult and kid favors (mini pumpkins and a rice crispy pumpkin)
Credits: Photographer-My big sis!, shirt Bowdacious Baby Etc., cakes- MaryEllen Clady, unlimited amounts of ribbon and paper-Michaels


  1. looks like a fun party, love the pumpkin theme of it all. Fun to see Aubrey grow up this last year. She is becoming quite the cute little toddler!

  2. Super duper cute! I love the theme and the birthday girl is the cutest part of the party! Happy 1st Birthday to your sweet Aubrey!

  3. This is totally awesome!!! Ahhh one year. It is coming up so quickly for us too. We are planing Lee's party and I wish I could make it really big but it is going to probably be on the quiet side. but on the upside he will have both a party in MA with friends and one in NJ with family

  4. I love parties. I wish B's birthday didn't fall in the middle of literally 6 other celebrations within a months time. I always feel rushed and never get to DIY as much as I want. I totally wish I lived closer so your friend could design our birthday cakes ha!

  5. That rice krispie pumpkin is so cute! What a fun day:)

  6. All the pictures are beautiful! Looks like it was a wonderful party.

  7. The cuteness of everything is too much! Love it all!

  8. What a fun party! I still can't believe Aubrey is 1. Love the photos!

  9. Sooo cute Nancy! Great job! xo