Thursday, October 3, 2013

Life...Airbrush Needed?

This week I have had this post swirling around in my head as I pour over photos from this past year in order to make a project for Aub's first birthday....let me just pause and reflect on how wicked fast this year flew by!  I'm not certain if this post will make much sense to anyone but me but I just needed to get my thoughts out.

The other day I was on picmonkey and was making up some collages when I saw the editing buttons.  You can pretty much make yourself look like a completely different person.  With a nip tuck here and a zoom whitening there, you can make yourself look any way you want!  It got me thinking about the past year and where I am...where we are as a  Looking back there are places in this past year at first glance I would love to airbrush right out!  The periods of time that I was riddled with shame over how my body looked and how slowly the weight was coming even getting out the door to pick up my daughter from school took hours of clothing selection only to settle on the same stretchy pants and a frown.  The day spent with our stomachs in knots in the waiting room of Children's Hospital while our sweet baby girl was being operated on and the worry that followed with phrases like "loss of sight" and "infection".  The days of doubt and frustration trying to make my body do something I so badly wanted it to do and being ashamed of finishing times I had deemed too slow.  Moments watching the people I love so dearly hurt both physically and emotionally and knowing that there was nothing I could do to change it.  Get out the airbrush please!

However, I began to really think...think about what those times have brought to us...who we are now after going through them and I can't help but think about putting that airbrush away.  There is something major about going through something difficult and coming out the other side.  You are never the same.  If we had never had this day....
I would never have such an amazing respect for families that are there every. single. day with no end in sight.  I would never have known the amazing support we have out there from friends and family.
If I hadn't struggled with weight loss...and postpartum body fears...and getting back into running, I never would have known how sweet it is when a mile just ticks by effortlessly.  I still have a long way to go but I know at the end of the struggle I will be like this...
I have the ability as I go through these pictures to edit the ones like this...
or the ones where I feel like I look too fat...or not right...or doesn't show the perfect perfect, but then that wouldn't show what our life real life...with bumps and bruises...and love...and support...and the family we really are...the runner I really am...the life I really treasure.

When left with the option, I think I'll choose to put down the airbrush and embrace my life just the way it is...blemishes and all!
How about you?  Airbrush or no airbrush?


  1. No airbrush, just natural beauty and love and life xx

  2. No airbrush! Life may not be perfect, but it's the only one we have....embrace it all!

  3. I used to shudder at the sight of myself in pictures. I'd pick at every little "flaw." Now I see it as who I am, where I've been and where I'm going. Great post Nancy!

  4. I'll admit, there are definitely aspects of life right now I'd love to airbrush, but I know that isn't going to happen & in reality, most of my life is pretty good.

    I love that phrase. Might have to steal.

  5. Lovely post Nancy and SO true. It make the blessings so much sweeter when you have to deal with the tough days in life.

  6. Love this, perfect timing! I am going through very similar situation right now and am so happy to see you come out on the other side of things, it gives me great hope! My mom didn't want us to post photos of our little guy with all the tubes and everything he had his first week but I can relate to what you say and the tough times really make us appreciate the good times! I have 1 more week roughly until I'm given the green light to start working out again and I am TOTALLY freaked out about not being able to get back into shape!

    1. It will all fall into place and you will be great!! Just having my family all here and in one piece is a body will get there and so will yours!!!

  7. Great post, I think it is important to not airbrush things so that our daughters will learn you don't have to look perfect and be perfect. Life is beautiful with its imperfections. Love this!

  8. Life is not perfect - people aren't perfect. The beautiful is in the messy. :)

  9. Great post, Nancy. And timely for me, too. I had some pics taken of me yesterday and I was seriously thinking of editing some of them in PicMonkey before I post them but then thought 'Screw it' They are me. I am getting older. When am I going to start FEELING older? hahaha Love your pictures. And so happy for you that you are happy and loving your life, too.

  10. Really fantastic post here Nancy! Thank you for this. Yes yes yes! I'm coming off of at least a year that has been really tough...lots of fears, growing, changing, and being challenged on so many levels. But gosh, it is so so wonderful coming out of it brighter and bolder and more beautiful. I wouldn't change a thing. Good to read here. Thanks again for writing.